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9 Trending Designs for Gold Necklaces

Nupur Kumari | July 6, 2018


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9 Trending Designs for Gold Necklaces

Dressed in a red saree, glittering with gold ornaments, sitting on a lotus, charging with an army of a white elephant, Goddess “Lakshmi” is an integral part of every Hindu family. This is the reason why Gold is considered to be the symbol of purity and prosperity. People prefer to buy gold on any auspicious occasion. Even the festival of Dhanteras, celebrated by the Hindus, is not complete without buying gold in some form or the other. If you also love buying gold and have plans to buy a necklace soon, let’s make this easy for you by showing you some trending designs.

1) Simple Gold Design Necklace

This simple necklace beautifully reflects the beauty and purity of gold. This necklace can be of any pattern such as the design of a leaf, flower or flower bud. The chain of the necklace should be a bit thick so that the pattern appears unique and provides a good fall on the neck.


2) Light Weight Gold Necklace

This type of necklace can be worn on small functions, get togethers or parties. The leafy design on the necklace portrays the unique harmony between the Indian civilization and a modern lifestyle. This type of necklace is very delicate and lightweight.


3) Kundan Choker Necklace Design

Kundan jewelry is very popular among people and is considered as the most royal jewelry design. Kundan jewelry is made by highly experienced goldsmiths and is studded with precious stones, pearls, and gold.  Slightly heavy in weight, this masterpiece looks absolutely regal.


4) Gold and Ruby Pendant Necklace

If you need a classic combination, choose jewellery that has a combination of gold and rubies. The dazzle of ruby and the purity of gold makes it distinct from the rest of the designs. There is a unique thing about this necklace, the “Lotus” and “Om” on the necklaces make it pure and pious.


5) Gold Coin Necklace

Gold coin necklace is also known as “Kasumala”. “Kasu” means coin and “mala” means necklace. This necklace is the symbol of the unbreakable bond of tradition and civilization, designed using antique coins. This necklace is perfect for weddings and festivals.


6) Peacock Design Step Necklace

Step Necklace is the latest trend in the fashion industry and these four layers, when combined with the peacock, make this design stunningly beautiful. The peacock carved out of colorful pearls and the golden aura of gold is winning the hearts of women these days.


7) Meenakari Necklace

Meenakari is a specialty jewelry of Rajasthan. The workmanship on the surface of the metal using enamel and lots of colors looks very beautiful. This design goes well with sarees and ethnic wear.


8) Bajirao Mastani Necklace

This design is inspired by the look of the warrior princess “Mastani”. This gold necklace is the symbol of glory and excellence. This piece of necklace makes you look like a princess. It looks great with a Saree or a Lehenga.


9) Pearl and Diamond Gold Necklace

Pearl itself is exquisite, and when combined with gold and diamond, its beauty is beyond compare. A classic pearl necklace has always been an integral part of the Royal family’s fashion statement. This necklace is the union of style and royalty.

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