9 Vegetables that can make your Skin Glow!

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Glowing skin is a dream for every woman, irrespective of the age! Though following a proper skin care regime with all the natural or chemical products to maintain the texture of your skin from the outside is effective, ingesting the required food for that glowing skin is long lasting.  

Listed below are some of the vegetables that would give your skin a natural glow when you add them to your diet.

1. Beetroot

beetroot skin glow english

Rich in anthocyanins, beetroot helps your skin to fight wrinkles naturally. When you eat this antioxidant-rich vegetable, your skin turns pink and will glow. Boil and cut a beetroot into slices. Add some lemon juice to consume it.


2. Sweet Potato

sweet potato skin glow english

Another vegetable that is rich in vitamin C is sweet potatoes. It helps in firming your skin and increases its flexibility by producing collagen.


3. Kale

kale skin glow english

Kale is rich in vitamins A, C, K, and iron. They help in reducing dark circles and tightens your skin, keeps it hydrated thereby giving a natural fresh look. Kale also reduces fine lines and wrinkles. It is great for detoxification.


4. Pumpkin seeds

pumpkin seeds skin glow english

As easy as it is, take a handful of pumpkin seeds and have it to get a glowing skin. Rich in Zinc, Vitamin A, and C, pumpkin seeds help in producing new skin cells, helps in skin toning, oil production and reduces the appearance of open pores.


5. Spinach

spinach skin glow english

This is a very healthy ingredient to be added to your intake as it is filled with antioxidants. Spinach helps in flushing out toxins and boosts your skin tissues resulting in a glowing skin. Add spinach to your salads or can be prepared as a curry to have with roti or rice.


6. Broccoli

broccoli skin glow english

One of the best vegetables for a natural skin glow is broccoli. It has all the nutrients in it to prevent cancer due to UV rays, helps to repair damaged skin cells. It boosts your skin health with Vitamin A and C.


7. Sprouts

sprouts skin glow english

Sprouts help in purifying your blood and is great to fight against any disease. It also strengthens your immune system. Filled with iron, zinc, antioxidants, vitamin B, sprouts help in balancing the skin texture, moisturizes and hydrates your skin thus giving a glow.


8. Red bell peppers

red bell pepper skin glow english

It is red bell peppers that contain more of Vitamin C than an Orange. These help in removing toxins from your skin. They come with a compound named capsaicin which helps in skin rejuvenation.


9. Cabbage

Cabbage skin glow english

An important vegetable to tighten your skin and fights against anti-aging. Vitamin A and D help in maintaining a healthy skin.

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