7 Things You Must AVOID during your Periods

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Menstruation, commonly known as a Periods, is an important part of a woman’s life cycle. In spite of being a natural process that occurs with women universally, women are never able to talk about it openly. It is a tough time for a woman, not just physically but also socially. Many restrictions are put on a woman while she is menstruating every month. Although there has been a drastic change in the thinking, there are some restrictions that are actually beneficial for the health of the woman. Our body goes through a plethora of changes during the periods and so some restrictions are good for us.

Let’s take a look at some of the things that one should avoid during their periods: 


1) Stay Away from Excess Salt

French fries might be one of your favorite snacks but it can increase your pain. Doctors are of the opinion that consuming too much salt can lead to bloating and increase the cramps in the lower abdomen.


2) Say “No” To Vigorous Exercise

Many women experience pain and cramps in the lower abdomen during periods. One should avoid doing vigorous exercises, running and spending too many hours in the gym during periods. One can do light yoga as it helps to relax the body and to lift the mood, but avoid doing any heavy manual work.


3) Decrease your Consumption of Milk

One must decrease the consumption of milk and milk products during periods as there is a lot of change in the hormones during this time and excessive consumption of milk can lead to hormonal imbalance. This in turn, may lead to irritability, mood swings and problems in digestion.


4) Stay Away from Tobacco and Caffeine

Drinking caffeinated drinks like coffee and tea during periods can increase the tenderness of the breasts, which are already very sensitive. Caffeine also leads to an increase in the cramps and blood clots which obstruct the flow of blood. This leads to stress and increased heart beat, which increase the intensity of PMS. Smoking tobacco can also have an adverse effect and can lead to an increase in the pain during periods.


5) Keep Changing your Pad/Tampon

When women get busy in their everyday routine, they often forget to change their pad or tampon. The sanitary pad or tampon must be changed every 3-4 hours since a dirty pad can cause bacterial infections.


6) Say “No” to Vaginal Douche

If you use a vaginal douche or a wash, refrain from using it during periods as it kills the natural bacteria of the vagina and causes inflammation and infection. You can use plain water to clean your vagina if the need be but it isn’t necessary to do so.


7) Practice Safe Sex

Many people think that sex during periods will not lead to pregnancy but this is a myth. There are equal chances of getting pregnant during periods as other days of the month. Having sex during periods can transfer viruses and other microorganisms to your partner through blood. This increases the chances of contracting HIV. The uterus is dilated during this time and there are greater chances of infection by microorganisms in the vagina. To prevent any kind of infection, it is advisable to abstain from sex during periods.

We hope that this information is of help to you and you’ll be fitter and healthier during your periods after reading this.

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