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Beauty Confessions made by Karisma Kapoor

Riya Aggarwal | August 30, 2018

Beauty Confessions made by Karisma Kapoor

The elder sister of actress Kareena Kapoor Khan, Karisma Kapoor was one of the most sought-after actresses of the 90s. Some of the actress’ most memorable films include ‘Andaz Apna Apna’, ‘Raja Hindustani,’  ‘Dil Toh Pagal Hai’ and ‘Hum Saath Saath Hain’.

With these superhit films to her name, Karisma successfully carried the legacy of the Kapoor Family-the first family of Bollywood, forward.

The single mother may have bid adieu to Bollywood to focus on her children, but the actress still remains very much in the headlines.

Karisma manages to look gorgeous even at the age of 44, so today we bring to you some beauty confessions that the actress herself has made.  


1) Follow a Simple Skincare Routine

Karisma knows how important it is to take care of her skin. Rather than using a variety of different creams and cleansers, Karisma follows a fuss-free skincare routine. The actress uses a mild and gentle face wash to cleanse her face. After this she applies a good-quality cream, which is best suited for her skin type, on her face.


2) The Unmistakeable Glow of the Kapoor Sisters

Be it at a party, an event or after a simple workout session at the gym, the Kapoor sisters always have an unmistakable and a healthy glow on their face. When asked about the secret to her glowing skin, Karisma jokingly said that the ‘glow’ was due to the good genes that she has inherited from her grandparents. However, on a serious note, Karisma says that the secret to her glowing face is that she never feels the pressure of doing too many things.


3) Ageing

Rather than fighting ageing, Karisma has actually embraced this natural process. She understands that as one grows older, changes do happen. The actress says that the best way to deal with this is to adapt your skincare regime to suit the changing needs of your skin at every age. Karisma follows a 3-step skincare regime of cleansing, exfoliation and moisturisation. The only things that change are the type of products used for each step. Karisma says that the ingredients that make up each product are very important.


4) Home Remedies

Like every other woman, Karisma also uses some home remedies to keep her skin healthy, supple and glowing. The actress regularly applies homemade fruit packs on her face. She uses only those fruits in her face packs, which are in season at that time. Karisma makes sure that she adds one spoonful of desi ghee (clarified butter) into her food everyday.


5) Must-Have Items in her Handbag

Wherever she goes, Karisma always carries a kajal and a lipstick in her handbag.


6) Beauty Regrets

Sometimes we tend to forget that actresses are humans as well. Like everyone else, they also make mistakes which they regret later on. Karisma has some regrets as well. The actress confessed that there was a time when she only moisturized her skin when it felt dry. Another regret that the actress has is that she started using face creams at a later age. She wished she had started to use face creams earlier on in life.


7) Some Helpful Tips

Having learnt from her mistakes, Karisma says that one should moisturise their skin on a daily basis. She also says that irrespective of how cold or how hot the weather is, one should always use a good sunblock-even if you are not going anywhere.  


8) Beauty Philosophy

Karisma’s beauty philosophy is very simple. The actress says that one should follow a healthy diet and keep themselves hydrated throughout the day by drinking lots of fluids. She also recommends using an oil-based serum at night. Furthermore, Karisma says that every woman should follow a good skincare routine at night. The actress says that having healthy and nourished skin immediately makes you look better.


9) Beauty Icons

Most actresses say that a particular actress is their beauty icon, but not Karisma Kapoor! Karisma says that her biggest beauty icons are the late Barbara Shivdasani-her maternal grandmother and Krishna Kapoor-her paternal grandmother.

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