BetterButter Benefits | 5 Types of Melons That Will Keep You Cool This Summer

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By Sujata Limbu

As summer arrives, we are getting ready to cool ourselves in every possible way. One of the best possible way is by eating plenty of melons.   These delicious summer fruits are filled with water and are packed with nutrients to balance our dehydrated bodies. Sweet and absolutely delicious, pick out a different variety and try each day. 

Water Melon: Watermelons are the perfect Indian summer fruit, as the name suggests this fruit contains of over 90% water with the remaining as 10% sugar. One cannot get enough of this fruit in the hot season and it is generally eaten almost each day in every Indian household. This ideal summer fruit is a healthy fruit that also helps in maintaining the water quotient in the body.

Dulcinea Honey Bliss Lemon: A hybrid of the traditional honeydew melon, this melon appears of the colour white on the outside and a light green on the inside. Rightly named this fruit has a sweet and juicy taste like that of honey. It is the perfect summer fruit to eat and refresh yourself on a hot summer day.

Snow Melon: This melon appears as yellowish green on the outside with an icy-white flesh inside that is sweet but has a firm texture. This delicious summer fruit is the perfect summer dessert as it is sweet and delectable. You can enjoy this fruit by mixing it with other types of melons or itself to crave your sweet tooth.

Canary Melon: The canary melon also known as Juan Canary is a perfect summer fruit that also tastes great when paired with any citrus or ginger flavors. This melon has many healthy benefits, such as it helps to cut down calories and also provides a good source of nutrients to keep the body off diseases.

Musk melon: Musk melon is the superhero melon that contains the most nutrients beneficial to our health. These are richly found in the summers and also contain a very high percentage of water content. Their cooling and hydrating factors also make the musk melon one of the most desired fruit of summer. It also helps that they have a delicious aroma and taste amazing as well.

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