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BetterButter Secrets | 6 Ways to Make a Great Biryani

Team BetterButter | September 8, 2015



BetterButter Secrets | 6 Ways to Make a Great Biryani

By BetterButter Editorial

There’s nothing quite like the Biryani. Rice, meat, spices and all that slow cooking make it one of the most spectacular meals ever. Pair it with a side of onions and some yogurt, bam, you’re in heaven.

Even though the Biryani isn’t indigenous to India, we’ve embraced this dish and made it our own. Every state, region and even community has its own version of the Biryani. While the dish is simple – par-cooked rice with spices, herbs and marinated meat, (chicken, if you’re making a chicken biryani) – which is sealed and put on ‘dum’.

Each ingredient adds a distinct flavor. It’s as if the rice is embracing the meat which is embracing the spices and there’s a party in your mouth. We’ve got some fabulous biryanis on BetterButter with some delicious twists – try the Fish Biryani and Vegetable Biryani.

So what makes a good biryani? A good biryani is chock-full of flavour, has an intoxicating and tender meat. Here are six tips to make a great biryani

1. Dry spices
You just need a few spices to make sure that the flavours shine through. Use cinnamon sticks, green and black cardamom, cloves, turmeric, red chilli and black pepper seeds. Your best bet is to buy them whole and then ground and use when you need it.
The other trick is to make a bouquet garni, or “potli masala” and immerse it while cooking the rice.

2. Fried onions
Onions bring a much-needed sweetness to the biryani which emphasises the other spices in the biryani. Make sure that the onions are fried till dark brown and do not burn. Make sure you have enough to add and garnish with too.

3. Layering
Before we seal the biryani to cook on ‘dum’, it is important to layer the biryani with rice, chicken and the fried onion. This helps the flavours to meld well.

4. Use Meat/ Chicken stock
While most of us just add water, adding the chicken stock into the rice makes it far more tasty. The rice also absorbs a lot of flavor, making the biryani extremely zesty.

5. The Perfect Rice ‘al dente’
Apart from using a top notch quality basmati rice pre-soak it for about an hour and drain. Just before cooking it, heat the pot, add 2 – 3 tbsp of ghee (clarified butter), followed by the rice. Sauté for about 3-4 minutes and then add water, cover and cook till al dente. If possible use chicken stock for best results.

6. The Cooking Time
Make sure you never overcook the biryani, Mutton takes longest to cook where as chicken is relatively easier and cooks faster. To prevent biryani rice from sticking at the bottom of the pan, layer it with sliced tomatoes. Adding to the flavour as they taste equally good with charred flavour if any.

So here’s the thing. The world is filled with a number of biryani recipes, but with these tricks you’ll definitely be making a finger licking biryani each time. In the meanwhile find delicious Chicken Biryani recipes on BetterButter