Causes and Symptoms of Skin Cancer

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Women tend to focus more on their looks and include everything in their skin care routine to gain the perfect look! But taking care of your skin from the inside out is what really matters. Doing so will definitely helps you avoid some serious skin diseases which might otherwise be fatal.

Skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancers that occur in the human body. When the skin cells grow or multiply unusually, it forms masses. These are called tumors which turn out to be cancerous if they contain malignant cells. Such cells spread all over the body, affect the other organs like bones, nearby tissues and bloodstream. So an early detection helps a lot in controlling these cancerous cells.


Causes of Skin Cancer

  • Skin cancer is mainly caused due to overexposure to UV rays.
  • Due to the usage of skin tanning materials.
  • Suppression of autoimmune system leads to an unusual growth of skin cells. Autoimmune disorders due to certain medications can also decline the body’s immunity to fight over the invading foreign bodies
  • It can also occur due to prolonged exposure to cancer-causing chemicals like hydrocarbons in oil.
  • Overexposure to X-Rays might damage the skin internally causing cancerous cells.


People who might easily be affected by skin cancer include: 

  • Those with a fairer complexion
  • People with Green or blue eyes
  • People with light colored hair or red hair
  • People with a genetic disorder
  • People who have some serious sunburns and often end up with red patches on the skin
  • People with a family history or personal history of skin cancer
  • Those who have a number of moles
  • Weaker immune system
  • Those who are overly exposed to the sun


Understanding the symptoms of a skin cancer will help you in treating it at the earliest.

There are three types of skin cancer namely: 


1) Basal Cell Carcinoma

This is the most common type of cancer that occurs among a wider population globally. It looks like a pink bump or like a flesh-colored scar. It might also have a depression in the middle. This mainly occurs on the head and neck region. Unlike other types of skin cancer, this rarely spreads to other body organs. These cancerous cells grow very slowly.


2) Squamous Cell Carcinoma

This type of skin cancer occurs on the face, neck, ears and hand region which is exposed to sunlight. People who are more often exposed to sunlight are prone to such type of skin cancer which mostly affects the epidermis area of your skin. It is more destructive than basal cell carcinoma and spreads immediately to other body organs. This looks like a red dot and is very scaly.


3) Melanoma

This is the most dangerous out of the three types and it occurs rarely but still has contributed towards most number of deaths due to skin cancer. This might occur mostly in both men and women in areas that are very less exposed to sunlight like legs, arms, soles, vagina, anus, and fingertips. It looks like a dark brown spot. An emerging new mole during adulthood with pain or bleeding needs to be checked.


Another easy way to detect a melanoma skin cancer is ‘ABCD’ –

Asymmetric in shape,

with an irregular  Border,

with a mixture of Colors like blue, red, tan or brown

along with a Diameter of 6mm.


Remedies for Skin Cancer

You can reach out to a doctor if you find any unusual changes in your skin. Often skin cancer bumps are mistaken to be sores that might never heal. So a proper understanding of the symptoms is a must to avoid complications.

Techniques like radiation therapy, oral medicines, and drugs can be used to treat skin cancer without injecting much in the body but these have their own side effects. Other safer ways to defend include – avoiding overexposure to sunlight, applying sunscreen lotions, lip alms and wearing eye glasses that will protect you from sun rays, refraining from using chemical products.

Image source: pixabay, wikimedia, wikipedia commons, flickr, pexels

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