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Causes, Symptoms and Home Remedies for Bed Sores

Nithya Lakshmi | September 18, 2018

Bed sores are likely to affect people who aren’t able to move or are bedridden under medications. These are skin injuries that occur due to the pressure on the skin and the tissues underneath the skin. Bed sores, also called  ‘decubitus ulcers’ are common among old-aged people with paralysis, illness, Bed sores mostly affect your ankles, heels, tail bones and other bony areas. Though treating this is easy, if left untreated, it may actually be fatal.

So let’s get down to some steps to know more about bed sores to heal them at home.

What Causes Bed Sores?

  • The main cause of bedsores are likely due to the immovable nature of a person due to a spinal cord surgery or a wheelchair.
  • Any seating or lying position that restrains blood flow to the skin tissues might lead to bedsores.
  • Pressure on the skin at any point of time with no proper blood flow and nutrients will eventually damage the skin and the nearby tissues.
  • Lack of proper diet and skin hydration might lead to breakage of skin tissues, increasing the chances of bedsores.
  • People under medications and those who are diabetic might end up with bedsores due to no proper flow of blood.
  • Patients with frail skin and with poor blood circulation are also at a risk of bedsores.


Symptoms of Bed Sores

  • Your skin has swelling and redness
  • Has a pus-like liquid
  • Is suddenly warmer or colder than other areas
  • Skin changes in color
  • Skin becomes very frail

Bed sores are common in the tailbone or the buttocks if the person is in a wheelchair. For an operated patient who can’t move, bed sores occur mainly on the lower back, on their shoulder or the spine. It might also occur commonly in their ankles, knees, and arms.  So when you find such symptoms, treat it immediately or consult a doctor if its getting worse.


How Can you Treat Bed Sores at Home?


1) Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has all the essential fatty acids to keep your skin fresh and healthy. Warm some coconut oil and apply it on your skin and massage it gently. Abstain from stressing the infected area. On repeating this 2-3 times every day, you can get rid of sores and protect the skin from new ones.


2) Saline Water

Take a spoon of salt and mix it with water. Bring to a boil. After cooling it, apply it on the bed sores and clean the liquid entirely. This will help in curing the sores and will prevent more sores from occurring.


3) Turmeric

Turmeric, known for its anti-inflammatory properties, is another excellent home remedy for bed sores. After cleaning with saline water in the infected area, apply turmeric and cover it with a piece of cloth.  Repeat this twice or thrice.


4) Postures

Change the sitting or the sleeping posture of the patient every 20-30 minutes. Rather than being in the same position for hours, if you can move your body a little, there is a possibility for healing. This can even prevent the recurrence of bed sores. 


5) Baby Powder  

Baby powder helps in absorbing the moisture from the infected area and soothes the infection. First, clean the sore with saline water and sprinkle baby powder over it. This will drain the pus-like liquid quickly and keep it dry.


6) Beetroot with Honey

Beetroot helps in healing bed sores naturally. Mix beetroot juice with honey and apply it on the infected area. This will soothe the infection quickly and keep it free from itchiness.


7) Consuming the Right Diet

Eating a correct diet is another way to cure bed sores. Have a lot of liquids, such as water and juice to stay hydrated to promote blood flow. Also have food rich in vitamin A, C, E with loads of fruits and vegetables for a healthy skin.

If bed sores are in their initial stages, you can easily treat them at home with no professional guidance. But if left unattended for long, medical treatment may be required for treatment of bed sores, which could lead to complications.

Image Source: Pixabay, wikipedia commons, max pixel

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