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Chef of the Fortnight | Vaibhav Bhargava

Team BetterButter | October 26, 2015



Chef of the Fortnight | Vaibhav Bhargava

By Sanjula Thangkhiew

With over 11 years of experience there is no doubt Chef Vaibhav Bhargava is a master in the art of Asian cuisine. It’s only fitting then that he is Executive Chef at Pan Asian, one the capital’s finest restaurants, at Delhi’s ITC Sheraton.

A graduate from Chandigarh Institute of Hotel Management (CIHM), Vaibhav started his career with a summer training at Noma in Copenhagen. Noma is  holder of two Michelin stars and is consistently ranked amongst the World’s Top 50 Restaurants by Restaurant magazine. It was there that he had the privilege of working with its owner and one of the world’s most influential chefs, Chef Rene Redzipi.  From there, he went on to work as a stagier with two other Michelin star restaurants, Delhi’s Hyatt Regency and most recently as Executive Sous Chef at Olive Bar & Kitchen.

What he brings to the table at Pan Asian is an accumulation of all his knowledge and perfection of skills, which he has mastered in Asian cuisine.

“I believe  in sticking to the authenticity of a dish for there in lies the secret but I also believe in satisfying my diner and so if need be, I
make the alterations to add the desired flavors” says Chef Vaibhav.

His love for gourmet food is what he presents in his menu at Pan Asian but that is not what will catch your eye. Vaibhav Bhargava has brought in gluten free and organic dishes to Pan Asian, which he believes is more than a passing trend.

“Asian food is known to be healthy with the right balance of meat proteins and flavours of vegetables and condiments. The best dishes come from fresh and organic ingredients.” A member of the Indian Culinary Forum (IFC) and World Association of Chef’s Societies (WACS), Chef Vaibhav is always on a mission to bring new techniques and trends incorporating contemporary ideas with authentic traditional Pan Asian food.

At his recent Dimsum Parlour, he presented a wide range of steamed, baked, gluten-free and healthy pint sized bombs of flavours. A note worthy point to make about what Chef Vaibhav has to offer is a mélange of gourmet choices at affordable prices.

So what does Chef Vaibhav want BetterButter fans to know?

  1. Authenticity is key! When it comes to making an authentic dish stick to the traditional recipe and technique. There is a reason a dish is meant to be made a particular way
  2. Hygiene plays a vital role – your kitchen must be spotless and so must you! When making sushi one’s hands are the tools that craft the art.
  3. Fresh produce always. There is nothing like organic vegetables and fresh proteins, especially when it comes to seafood.
  4. Balance! You need to know your ingredients and the flavors and create a dish that balances them so they don’t overpower one another.
  5. Gluten free and healthy options can open you up to a world of innovation with food.

You can view Chef Vaibhav’s recipes from Pan Asian here.