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Cool Drinks For Summers

Team BetterButter | June 18, 2020


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Cool Drinks For Summers

Summers are all about icy cold drinks and beverages!

Nothing soothes your senses better than a refreshing drink during a hot scorching day. With temperatures shooting up each passing day, it becomes extremely important to keep your hydration in check.

During this extreme heat, people are swamped in stores to load up on their favorite summer drinks. However, most of these drinks available today contain added sugar and preservatives which can damage your health in the long-run.

Swapping fruit-based and homemade drinks with these readily available packaged drinks can do wonders for your body and enrich you with additional benefits too! Fruit-infused or homemade flavored drinks not only can cool your body down from within but also keeps your taste buds satiated with its refreshing flavors.

The best part about making your own summer drink? You can add in your favorite fruits and syrups!

So here are some of the most invigorating summer coolers you can make at home to beat the heat:

1) Aam Panna

How can one even imagine summers without mangoes?

Aam Panna is a popular summer drink for all the mango lovers out there! This drink is an easy starter that is prepared from mango’s pulp blended with a pinch of mint leaves, cumin, black salt, pepper, and jeera making it a delightful treat for all. It’s pulpy and juicy which helps you feel energized all day.


2) Peach Ginger Iced Tea

Ice tea is one of the most loved drinks prepared during summers.

With the detoxifying properties of tea and refreshing flavors of Peach, this drink is an instant relief to save you from the heat.

Just some peaches, freshly brewed black tea, and some added ice cubes are all you need to ace this rejuvenating drink!


3) ButterMilk

Chaas or Lassi (Buttermilk) is the quintessential Indian summer drink. It’s a drink that is relished in all Indian households during summer. This filling drink serves as one of the best homemade beverages mainly prepared from beaten curd, Black salt, and jeera.

It is enjoyed best with an authentic Indian Thaali (Platter).

4) Watermelon Lemonade

Watermelon is yet another summer favorite! This fruit is demanded the most during summers owing to its innumerable health benefits and aiding weight loss properties.

Being one of the juiciest fruits, it is a popular ingredient in most revitalizing recipes. Watermelon Lemonade is a cool summer beverage that is prepared with a rich blend of watermelon and sour lemon. This tangy and energizing drink is one of the most popular choices during summer.


5) Sugarcane Juice

Ganne Ka Rass or Sugarcane Juice is one of the favorite juices of India. It is also known as one of the healthiest juices since it helps in building your body fluids and protects from dehydration. When infused with mint leaves it will surely give you a refreshing feel and boost of energy to the body.


All these drinks can be easily prepared from scratch with basic ingredients from your kitchen. So what are you waiting for? Grab your glasses and pour in these thirst-quenching drinks right at home to fight the heat!