Deal with Eve-Teasing with these 5 Simple Ways!

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Eve-teasing is a small form of sexual harassment.  Many women experience uncomfortable stares, cheap comments, stalking and inappropriate physical touch when they step out of their homes. We all know that things can go wrong at any point in life, so it is important to think about how we can handle such difficult situations, wisely and bravely. So let’s learn what to do and what not to do when we face eve-teasing.

What to Do

1) Self-Defence

Learning judo-karate or any other kind of martial arts might not be possible for everyone. But prevention is better than cure, thus women must carry some things to save themselves like pepper spray, knife, blade or a nail cutter; you never know when these come handy. According to a poll, 48% of women have agreed to this, but all these things should be used only with caution and with understanding.


2) Technology is a Boon

The best way to deal with eve teasing is the right use of technology. It is always better to be equipped and ready.

  • You must have the phone number of near and dear ones
  • Always keep the GPS tracker  on
  • Keep the police help line always on speed dial
  • Download safety apps and understand the necessary instructions
  • Register yourself on these safety websites so that you are never alone


3) Look Serious

This may sound strange but the facial expressions of your face speak for themselves. People interpret facial expressions in different ways and may misinterpret a smile; a serious expression indicates that you are stern and will not take nonsense.


4) Tolerance has a Limit

While it is good to ignore such people, but if you raise your voice then make sure you are loud enough. It will reflect that you have self-confidence and you are not afraid of anyone. Your facial expressions should show that you are calm and collected and not afraid. But keep in mind that while doing this, you are not in a deserted place where no one can hear you.


What Not To Do

1) Your Safety is most Important

No matter how harassing the situation is, if you are alone and in a deserted place where aid can not be found, it is good to remain silent. Just get yourself out of such a situation.


2) Do not get Angry or Anxious

If you work with anger or abuse, this would make the eve teaser more agitated. If it is necessary to answer, then reply peacefully and firmly.


3) Move Away as Soon as You Can

If you have made your point confidently, move away and do not wait for the abuser to respond and extend the dialogue. Don’t pay attention to what the person replies, best to go away.


4) Get Help

The easiest way to avoid eve teasing is with the help of others. Persecutors are also afraid to say something when they think that there are more people around you.

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