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Do Detox Diets Really help with Weight-Loss?

Riya Aggarwal | December 11, 2018

What is a Detox diet?

A detox diet is a type of diet that focuses primarily on fasting, drinking lots of water and eating different fruits and vegetables. Doing so, helps the body flush out harmful toxins. However, though following a detox diet can help you lose weight, it does not cause permanent weight-loss.


Does a Detox Diet Work?

Eating a low-fat, high fiber diet that includes healthy and natural foods is definitely good for your overall health and well-being. However, there is no scientific proof to show that detox diets actually help in weight-loss.

Though detox diets can lead to temporary weight-loss, they are not very beneficial for permanent weight-loss. Eliminating certain food groups, will obviously help you lose weight but this is not healthy at all. Each food group-be it carbohydrates, fats, proteins-plays an important role in maintaining your overall health and well-being. Removing certain food groups will not only deprive your body from getting the necessary nutrition, but it will also lead to health disorders that occur due to certain deficiencies in the body.

The weight that you lose while following a detox diet is actually water loss rather than fat loss. Following a detox diet can lead to muscle loss, which could make it more difficult for you to lose weight in the long-term. In fact, most people who follow a detox diet, gain back all the weight that they had lost while detox dieting.

The higher the rate of metabolism in the body, the more weight you lose. However, detoxing on a regular basis can actually lower your metabolism, which will make it hard for you to lose and manage your weight in the future.


Who Should Avoid Detox Diets?

There is no harm in trying out different diet plans to see which one suits you best. However, the following people should definitely not follow a detox diet:

  • Children, teenagers and pregnant women
  • People with heart disease or people suffering from medical conditions
  • People who have been diagnosed with an eating disorder
  • Sports people, people who are extremely active or who have physically demanding jobs

Rather than blindly following all these trendy diets, talk to your dietician or nutritionist about the right diet for you. Discuss with them any potential side effects, health problems etc., that may arise due to following a certain kind of diet. Your health is your responsibility, don’t take any chances with it!

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