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Holi Feast Ideas from All over India

Team BetterButter | March 11, 2019

Holi is known as the festival of colours in all over India. Apart from the colours and the infamous Bhaang, Holi is also the reason to prepare scrumptious dishes. Mouth-watering dishes with traditional aspect will make your Holi all the more exciting. So, here is a list of delicacies that have been a part of the Holi celebrations since ages.


Gujiya or stuffed dumplings are the most common sweets served at Holi. It is one of the most special Holi food items and is mainly popular in the northern parts of India. So, include this delectable sweet dish in your Holi feast.

2. Malpua-

Sweet crepe or Malpua is prepared with crushed banana, flour, milk and a batter of coconut. This dish is served with a sugar syrup. Malpua has been a part of Holi celebrations since a very long time and its delicate flavours make it a very popular dish during the festivities.


Thandai is a very popular Holi staple. Thandai has a natural cooling effect on the body. So, make sure you treat your guests with this traditional Holi drink and make this festival merrier.

4. Bhaang ki Pakori

According to legend, Bhang was consumed by Lord Shiva. Hence, Bhaang is considered as an auspicious drink. So, prepare the bhaang ki pakoris, to give your Holi an extra doze of traditions and kick.

5. Dal Kachori

Dal kachori is very popular in North India. Stuffed with arhar dal and is fried crisp, you won’t be able to resist this snack. Kachoris are also a Holi staple, served to guests with other dishes.

6. Puran Poli:

Originated in South India, Puran Poli is served on Holi usually sweetened with jaggery or sugar. It also contains cardamom and nutmeg.

7. Papri Chaat

A very common chaat from North India, papri chaat is very popular during Holi. Made from crisp dough wafers, this dish is served with boiled potatoes and chutney.

8. Ras Malai

This dessert is made from sweet dough balls and is originally from West Bengal. Ras malai is stuffed with creamed rice and served with a sweet cardamom cream.


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