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How should you get rid of Snoring?

Loveleen Gupta | August 29, 2018

Snoring can be a nuisance not only to self, disturbing one’s sleep, but to others also, who might sleep in the same room. Snoring is normally caused when the air is unable to move freely through the nose and the throat when one sleeps. This causes the surrounding tissues in the throat to vibrate and emit a snoring sound. The most common reasons for snoring include obstructive sleep apnea, a deformity in the nasal passage including the nose, mouth or throat, obesity and sleep deprivation.

Though one must be careful about using easily available gadgets, pills and sprays that claim that they can help you get rid of snoring, there is no harm in trying these simple life hacks to help with this issue. 


1) Lose Weight


If your weight machine starts galloping the moment you step on it, then the first hack should be to try and lose weight. Obesity can cause many problems including heart trouble, diabetes, hypertension, digestion trouble etc. Therefore, losing weight will not only help with the snoring, but it will also work towards improving the overall health of an individual.


2) Sleep on your Side


If one usually sleeps on their back, then changing the sleeping position to the side might help reduce or stop snoring. Sleeping on the side can help unblock the air passages that cause snoring. If an individual habitually turns on their back to sleep, then using a body pillow or taping a small, hard ball at the back of their pajamas can gently nudge them to their side whenever they turn on their back. Alternatively, one can even try elevating the head of the bed.


3) Avoid Big Meals, Dairy Products, Sedatives and Alcohol before Bedtime


When one sleeps on a full stomach, it pushes against the diaphragm, affecting rhythmic breathing, thus enabling snoring. Dairy products like milk, leave a layer of mucous in the mouth and the throat. This worsens snoring.

Similarly alcohol and sedatives change the resting pattern of the throat muscles and  cause one to snore. Avoid drinking alcohol three hours before bedtime. And if one takes sedatives before bedtime and has a snoring problem, then they should talk to their doctor.


4) Clean the Bedroom


At times, snoring might be caused by allergens. To check if this is the cause, replace the pillow, clean the ceiling fan and the filter of the air conditioner, change the sheet, wash the curtains and keep pets out of the room. Reducing  sources of allergens may do the trick.


5) Control Chest Congestion


Chest cold might also be the reason for snoring. Rubbing pure peppermint or eucalyptus oil on the chest or having a herbal tea infused with leaves from these herbs can help open the nasal passages. Using fenugreek seeds in cooking can help in improving digestion and acid reflux symptoms which might be causing the snoring.

If these simple hacks do not stop or at least reduce one’s snoring, then they might need to visit a doctor to discuss the reason for their snoring and they may have to use physical aids or undergo surgery to correct deformities.

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