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How Should you Treat Dandruff during the Winters?

Nithya Lakshmi | November 30, 2018

How Should you Treat Dandruff during the Winters?

Winter is already in and it might be taking a toll over your hair care regime! When it comes to dealing with dandruff in winter, it might be a never-ending tale with no proper solution whatsoever. With absolutely little or no moisture around, the scalp on your head becomes extremely dry and results in white flakes which is nothing but dandruff. With a proper hair care routine, you can definitely get rid of dandruff in winter with ease.

“Eating dahi ( curd ) after every meal has become a common scenario in order to beat the heat in countries like India. Use a cup of curd with a piece of lemon on your scalp and that provides a perfect anti-dandruff treatment solution! And this goes really well to soothe dryness and dandruff irrespective of the fact that you are a male or female” advises leading hair expert Jawad Habib.

Here we have a few such easy ways to eliminate dandruff and to control the health of your scalp in extremely cold weather –


1) Ginger

Grate a small piece of ginger and extract its juice. Apply it on your scalp and allow it to rest for 30 minutes. Now wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Repeat this once or twice a month. This will get rid of dandruff effectively as ginger has great anti-fungal properties to protect your scalp against dandruff.


2) Apple Cider Vinegar

Simply mix quarter cup each of water and apple cider vinegar in a bottle and start spraying all over your scalp. Allow it to rest for an hour and wash as usual with your shampoo. This will work well as the acidity in apple cider vinegar helps in balancing the pH levels on your scalp, thereby eliminating dandruff.


3) Tea Tree Oil

Opt for tea tree oil and shampoo which provides immense moisture to your scalp and prevents dandruff from occurring. Just massage your scalp with tea tree oil and wash your hair the usual way. Repeat this twice a week and see the difference.


4) Baking Soda

Yes! Your kitchen has a powerful and simple remedy for your dandruff issues. Just rub a handful of baking soda on your scalp and rinse it off with warm water. Remember to skip the shampoo here. This will help in putting an end to fungi in no time and will start generating natural oils.


5) Aloe Vera Therapy

Aloe vera is the most powerful solution for most of your skin and hair issues. Mix a pulp of aloe vera with a small piece of lemon and apply on the scalp. Massage well and let it rest for few minutes before you wash it off with warm water. Lemon contains anti-fungal properties and aloe vera is a natural moisturizer-this combination helps a lot in fighting against dandruff.


Some other tips that you must take note of while treating your dandruff prone hair include –

  • No hot showers – “Always wash your hair in cool or warm water and avoid hot water showers.” – adds leading hair expert Jawad Habib.
  • Besides the water temperature, restrain from too many hair washes in a week. Stick to one or two. This is because washing your hair too often will ultimately lead to dryness on the scalp and gives way to dandruff.
  • Stress – Have a check on your stress levels. Follow a healthy diet and drink plenty of water.
  • Hair wash – Take care to wash your hair thoroughly if you had applied any gel or spray. At times this might also be the cause for scalp dryness and flakes.
  • Brush your hair – Always remember to brush your hair at least twice a day to get rid of dead skin cells.

Image Source – Pixabay, Pixnio, Pxhere