How to Educate your Daughter about Periods?

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Periods for women are a natural phenomenon, but people hesitate to talk about it publicly. When our daughters start their periods they face a lot of problems due to lack of proper information. Is it not a mother’s responsibility, in such a scenario, to help her daughter overcome these problems and talk about this natural phenomenon openly and discuss the dos and don’ts? If you are a mother of a young daughter and are in a dilemma of how to educate her about periods, then we have some great suggestions for you.


Good Books

There are many books about menstruation which are available in the market, which are written considering the mindset of the children at this age. Any book on this topic, which explains the concept in detail in an easy and a simple manner can be given to your daughter to read. You can tell her to ask you things she does not understand and discuss the same with her.


Use Television as a Medium

While watching TV together, one often comes across sanitary napkin advertisements. Do not ignore it; instead watch the entire advertisement in a normal manner. If your daughter has any questions related to it, then explain them to her correctly. Do not try to hide anything that is published in a magazine or newspaper from your daughter, and explain the need for sanitary napkins and the physical/hormonal changes she will go through once she hits puberty.


Some More Creative Ways

You should give your young daughter a gift on a special occasion such as Daughter’s Day or her birthday, in which many things related to Periods such as a book, a sanitary napkin packet and tampon etc. have been kept. With this, you can also write a personalized letter for her in which you share your experience and give her guidance on what things she needs to understand in the course of this physical change. Also state that you are always with her in every difficult situation.


Necessary Precautions

Help your daughter become mentally prepared for her first period. It is also important to understand that the menstrual cycle may start earlier than you expect. Once the breasts begin to develop, the mother should also tell her daughter about the precautions that  are very important to know for her. For example, several months before her first period, some fluids can be flowing through her vagina, which can be either colorless or white. If that happens, she must tell her mother. Talk about hygiene and also tell her that she needs to change her pad or tampon many times a day, also that the tampon should not be worn overnight.

It is important for her to take a bath and keep her body clean. Remember this is an important stage of your daughter’s life when she is moving from being a child to an adolescent. You can play the role of her best friend in this journey. Believe me she will not forget your support and love all her life.

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