How to get Rid of Stomach Worms in Children?

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A stomach ache is one of the most common problems that affect children. When a child tells his/her parents that he/she is having a stomach ache, parents think that the child is just making an excuse to not go to the school that day. Yes, many times children do this but if your child is genuinely has a stomach ache then don’t take it lightly. Worms that live in the intestines are the primary reason for your kids’ stomach ache. These worms stay inside a kids’ tummy and derive their nutrition from the food present in the kids’ tummy. But don’t be scared by this, a stomach ache is one of the most common ailments in children and there are many remedies to deal with it.

Reasons for worms in the Child’s Tummy:

  • Coming in touch with a dirty place and/or a dirty animal.
  • Putting dirty hands into their mouth.
  • Wearing dirty clothes or sleeping on dirty beds.
  • Using polluted water.

If your child has a stomach ache and is losing weight, this could be an indication of worms in your child’s stomach. In addition to this, there are many other signs that could indicate the presence of worms in your child’s stomach. Nausea, loss of appetite, malnutrition, jaundice, pulse burning, burning sensation while using the toilet, diarrhoea, cough, fever and less blood in the body are also some other indications of stomach worms.

Home Remedies to get rid of Worms

For treatment of this ailment, you can easily go to the doctor. However, the following home remedies are also successful in combating stomach worms.

1. Carrots

Carrots increase immunity in children and get rid of stomach worms. This vegetable is extremely beneficial for kids, especially when had on an empty stomach.


2. Coconut

To get rid of stomach worms, give your kids 1 tbsp of grated coconut every day along with their daily breakfast.


3. Cumin Seeds/Jeera

To get rid of stomach worms, mix ½ tsp of cumin powder with jaggery. Make your kids have this mixture twice a day.


4. Asafoetida Powder/Hing 

Mix a pinch of Asafoetida powder in a glass of water. Make your kids have this in the morning.


5. Raw Papaya

Take out juice from a raw papaya. Mix 1 tbsp raw papaya juice and 1 tsp honey in 4 tbsp of warm water. Mix well. Make your kids have this for one week and see the difference.

Note: Do not give honey to children less than 1 year of age.

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