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How to prevent your single child from getting spoilt?

Nithya Lakshmi | April 20, 2018

Being a single child in a family might have its own pros and cons. The child will have no sister or brother to play or talk with, and as parents, you need to be very cautious in the way you build their character in many ways.

So here we have listed the key points on how you can save your child from being spoilt-

1. Teach them to share

sharing - only child

A single child would never get an opportunity to share their stuff with others unless you teach them to.  Sharing is such a joyful activity and they must learn it from the very beginning in order to understand the importance of a relationship.


2. Stop pampering too much

Pampering - only child

Buying all that your only child asks for is definitely a dangerous move. This will give them overconfidence and will guide them in a wrong way. You must be thoughtful to buy only those stuff that is essential and is feasible for their growth. This will help them understand the value of things and the money that is spent on buying them.


3. You need to behave well

behave well - - only child

No matter how much you teach them, it is always the way you behave that they watch and follow always. So behave well in front of them and be the best example for them. Children will undoubtedly refer to their parents for any situation and will likely follow the same.


4. Fill the no sister/brother gap

no sibling - only child

They don’t get to have a chance on those sibling fight or to discuss their heart out to someone other than parents. So discuss with your child on a day to day basis on how their day went by. Get along with them in a friendly way and help them feel acknowledged about your support system. This will help them refrain from missing a sister or brother and they will start confiding in you.


5. Help your child to socialize

social skills - only child

You need to allow your child to socialize with others in dance class, school and in other parties to let them be on their own. This way they will understand a lot about others and will build their knowledge constructively rather than spending time all alone turning to be an introvert. Social skills will help them build a lot of self-confidence to move around a crowd.


6. Set their limits

set limit - - only child

An only child feels he/she can interfere with any family matters and can give their decisions for the same which is wrong. You should clearly explain them their boundaries in important discussions and decisions.

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