Improve your Love Life with these 5 Simple Vaastu Tips!

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Everyone goes through a struggle at some point in their life and that’s when nothing appears to be good. From your career to your relationships, everything takes a backstage. This causes problems in your relationships. All you can think of doing is praying to god for some miracle. But would you believe if we tell you that all the answers to your problems are within your home itself?

Yes, the answer is Vaastu Shastra. It means “science of architecture”. Vastu Shastra is actually the texts of the Hindu religion which describe various principles of design, layout, measurement and spatial geometry. These designs combine architecture with nature.

Follow these 5 Vastu tips to bring happiness into your love life: 

1) The Door of your Bedroom

According to Vaastu Shastra, the door of your bedroom is considered to be a symbol of the possibilities that your life can offer to you and should open completely, without any obstruction, to at least 90 degrees. It will allow positive opportunities to enter the room. If the bedroom door cannot easily open at a 90 degree angle, then it can block such possibilities from entering your life.


2) Location of your Bedroom

The south-west corner of your house is the most dominant corner. It is where the owner of the house should always be positioned. In case of no elders, only the married couple should make it their bedroom, in case of the elder couple, the married couple can also take the north-west portion of the house. The south-west direction helps to improve and maintain a good understanding among partners. A good understanding leads to a happy married life. 


3) Location of the Bed

The most ideal place for setting your bed up is the South-West side of your bedroom. According to Vaastu, there should be a wall behind the headrest and not an open window because a steady wall encourages the feeling of security and hence provides a peaceful sleep. Another important thing to keep in mind is that the bed should not be in front of the door as it brings uneasiness while sleeping.


4) Decoration of the Bedroom

Lighting plays a very important role and affects your mood as well. Lighting also influences your married life. To avoid causing any bad influence on your married life, the lights in the room should be soothing warm. One shouldn’t use glaring lights in the bedroom.

The walls of the rooms should be painted in hues. Colours such as blue, and shades of purple (which is the colour of emotions) can also be used. Using blue bed sheets can be very helpful as blue denotes Venus,  the Goddess of love, marriage, and beauty. Always avoid colours such as black and grey in a bedroom.


5) Position of the Mirror

Mirrors, whether used for a decorative purpose or for a utility purpose, should never be placed in the direction opposite to the bed, especially while sleeping. Mirrors symbolize the splitting of energy which can increase tension and even the lead to infidelity. But if you have no other place to keep the mirror you must cover the mirror with a curtain before you go to sleep.

Note:  The south-east direction should be absolutely avoided by couples as it leads to conflict, aggression and even infertility in the partner. The north-east is considered to be a high energy direction because of the presence of the element ‘fire’,  making this direction an ideal place for spiritual and religious activities. It is considered an offence to lead a married life in the house of God.

Image Source – Pixabay, Pexels, Wikimedia Commons.

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