Increase your Breast Size, without Any Medicines!

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Is your breast size not that attractive? Like many others, are you also finding ways to enhance it to look bigger and better in shape? Well, you must have considered multiple ways to do it, including a surgery. But trust me, medications aren’t going to help you get the desired results every time as they have their own pros and cons. So here we bring some of the best ways to enhance your breast size naturally without going under the knife.


1) Diet

The best and the easiest way to stay safe and get the desired result is to follow a proper diet. By including the right kind of food, you can increase your breast size naturally. Food rich in fat and containing higher estrogen levels such as milk, soybean, papaya with milk help to increase your breast size. As the breast tissues are made of fat, having fatty food will be helpful.

You might grow a little fat due to the consumption of fatty food. But don’t overeat blindly without a properly balanced diet plan.


2) Exercises

Yes! Not only do exercises help you tone your body but they also help in lifting certain body parts as required over time. With lots of patience, when you work out every day, you will certainly end up with a lifted breast. The pectoral muscles beneath the chest are improvised and look great in shape when you practice strength training exercises such as push-ups, chest presses and wall push-ups.


Method of Exercise


Rest and stand with your arms and legs lifting your hip up. Now keeping your body erect with your arms, slowly move down to the floor and come up. The pressure must be felt on your shoulders and chest area. Repeat this 10-12 times thrice and see the difference.

See how to do the perfect push up in the video below: 



Lifting weights is another interesting way to keep your chest in shape. Lie down on the floor and raise your arms above your face with the weights. Slowly bring down to ground level. Repeat this 10-12 times twice or thrice to have an attractive decolletage.

Check how to work on the bust line using weights in the video below: 

This might make you feel bulkier and manly. But that is not the case here as women produce less testosterone than men and strength training will only tone your body and make you look fit.


3) Massage 

Massaging is another way to increase your breast size naturally without any medications. As massaging has no side effects, it is good to try and check how effective it is on your body. You can use fennel seeds, fenugreek or even flax seeds along with breast enlargement creams or oils like olive oil, linseed oil for a massage as these are totally natural.


Flax Seeds 

Flax seeds are filled with a component called phytoestrogen which is the best solution for breast enhancement. Add flax seeds into your diet or use it to massage your chest.


Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds are totally herbal. Make a paste out of it and mix it with any kind of oil, Use this oil to massage your chest regularly.


Fenugreek Seeds 

Fenugreek is another option for breast enlargement. Mix the paste with an oil like olive or mustard and start massaging your chest with it. As it is rich in oestrogen, fenugreek seeds can help increase your breast size.  

Though there is no proper evidence on the results of breast growth through massaging, there is no harm in trying out these herbal techniques.


4) Yoga

Another excellent way to increase your chest area naturally is by practicing yoga. Asanas like cobra pose, camel pose, and dwikonasana really help in lifting your chest area over time. Check the necessary yoga postures and watch the video to see how these postures are done. 


Camel Pose 


Cobra Pose 

Learn how to do a perfect double angle pose here: 


Other quick tips to make the breast look larger are: 

  • Using a padded bra will make your chest look bigger
  • Use the right bra size instead of a thinner tighter one
  • Use clothes that have an exaggerating chest design
  • Change your body posture by standing or sitting erect with shoulders straight.

Having listed all the possible ways, there is no proper and perfect technique to increase the size of your breast instantly. With complete patience and dedication, you can arrive at the size you desire, using the above methods. Meanwhile, keep loving your body!

Image source: Pixabay , wikipedia commons, you tube

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