Kid is not Interested in Studying. What should I do?

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Kids usually lack interest in studying due to lack of motivation. They fear the monotonous textbook studies and even feel bored.  They also lose their concentration and dedication to study when there is absolutely no acknowledgment of their work from their parents. When they understand your support system the results are going to be quite rewarding.

Here are a few ways to make your child take interest in his/her studies-

1. Try different learning methodology

learning method - kids not studying

There are a number of learning methods which will help children get involved in whatever they study. Learning is an art and let them learn irrespective of where they are. Make learning a casual process rather than stressing them to study for grades. Methods like visuals, relating subjects to real life applications, audios aid them in remembering what they learn.


2. Follow a reward system

reward - kids not studying

Let them know the consequences of not studying right from an early stage. Explain how they will be rewarded if they did well in their studies. This will excite them and they will get motivated to complete their homework. Small gifts from time to time for their little efforts will make them happy and get involved naturally.


3. Set a role model

roile model - kids not studying

Discuss with your child about their role model. Ask them a lot of open-ended questions and discuss their day to day activities in school. Provide them with all the relevant materials that will trigger them to learn on their own. If your kid is inspired by an astronaut, encourage him with his likes and let him know how important studies are to become his role model.


4. Follow a routine

Routine - kids not studying

Set a time for studies. Ensure they understand when to study and when to play. Balancing both is essential. Practice the same from an early stage so they don’t find it difficult in following.


5. Watch their habits

habits - kids not studying

Monitor their habits and understand why they are not involved in studies. Some kids might be smart enough to observe subject matters in school to reciprocate in exams while others won’t understand their teacher’s lectures. Find where your kid is lagging. You can either arrange a private tutor or train them on their own by sitting with them every day.

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