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Latest Designs of Diamond Necklaces

Priyanka Verma | September 10, 2018

Every woman longs to have a shining diamond necklace around her neck. You don’t buy a diamond necklace every other day so whenever you do, you must select a design that is elegant and that never goes out of fashion.

BetterButter brings to you the latest designs of diamond necklaces for the Year 2018! 


1) Diamond Shaped Diamond Necklace

This diamond shaped diamond necklace is a unique design since you can get a diamond shaped bracelet along with the diamond shaped earrings to match your set. This necklace looks best with Indo-western clothes and dresses.


2) Knot Shaped Diamond Necklace

This necklace looks really royal and the diamonds joined to each other in a line, sparkle even more. The two blue stones hanging below give it a contrasting look.


3) Choker

Nothing beats a choker diamond necklace. It makes you look like a queen. This necklace is definitely going to burn a hole in your pocket but it makes your entire neck sparkle.


4) Different Shape Diamond Necklace

This studded, different shaped diamond necklace depicts the Indian heritage beautifully and looks really nice with all Indian dresses. You need to apply a lot of makeup while wearing this necklace as the shine of the diamonds is enough to light up your face.


5) Hanging Pearl Open Mouth Diamond Necklace

This open mouth diamond necklace makes you look glamorous. It is a beautiful necklace made up of small diamonds with two hanging pearls and it will immediately get you all the attention.


6) Ruby Diamond Necklace

This is a unique necklace that has rubies surrounded by various tiny diamonds and is an apt way to express your love to your beloved.


7) Diamond Tennis Necklace

This diamond tennis necklace worn close to the neck is a symbol of simplicity and class. You can wear it with any color or style of clothes.

Image Source: raj diamonds, pinterest, celini

Priyanka Verma




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