Latest Diamond Earrings Trends of 2018!

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No woman will ever say that she has too many earrings since it is always better to have more! Earrings make you look beautiful, stylish and showcase your personality. If you are completely ready from top to bottom but there are no earrings in your ears, it would definitely make you look odd and someone or the other will ask you about it! And when it comes to selecting earrings, nothing can beat a pair of stylish diamond earrings.

So, here are the latest designs of diamond earrings that you should look out for: 

1) Stud Diamond Earrings

The jewelry collection of every woman is incomplete without a pair of stud earrings. This is a very basic design that you can wear anytime, anywhere. The design of this earring has an empty space in the middle which focuses on your skin and makes the earring look bigger.


2) Glamorous Diamond Hoops

These earrings make you look very classy. The smooth gold with the hanging solitaire makes it different from the other pairs of earrings.


3) Chandelier Diamond Earrings

As is evident from the name, these earrings are shaped like chandeliers. They look good with ethnic outfits and the contrasting ruby makes them look even more beautiful.


4) Hanging Diamond Earring

This earring is an amalgamation of a hoop and a dangler. The sleek design with the small diamonds makes you look very feminine. These earrings go very well with western dresses.


5) Raindrop Earrings

Just look at this earring carefully. It seems as if someone has woven a net with tiny droplets of rain. They can look really big and you can still fit them into your budget.


6) Stylish Diamond Tops

You may have seen various designs of diamond earrings,  but nothing like the design shown above. This rare design looks very good with Indo-Western dresses and you can increase or decrease the size according to the length of your ear.


7) Circle Diamond Tops

These circular diamond earrings are simply beautiful.  The best thing about these earrings is that they can be worn daily. You don’t need to wait for a special occasion to wear these.

Image Source: khazana jewellery, abhaas collection, ali express,pinterest, stylecraze

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