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Must-Try Games for your Next Kitty Party!

Riya Aggarwal | June 6, 2018

Must-Try Games for your Next Kitty Party!

Are you bored of the usual tying a saree in 1-minute game and the peeling potatoes game? Are you having a hard time figuring out which games to play in your next Kitty Party? Well, worry not! BetterButter brings to you some of the latest Kitty Party games of 2018!

1) Backward Counting Game

Items required:

  • Paper for each player
  • One pen
  • Dice

How to Play:

Distribute a paper to each member of the Kitty Party. Anyone can start the game. The player who goes first has to start counting backward and write down the numbers on the paper. For example, if you decide to do backward counting from 200-100, then the player should write  200, 199, 198 and so on their paper.

While the player is writing down the numbers, the other players have to roll the dice and try to get either a 6 or a 1. If someone rolls a 6 or a 1, she has to take the pen (remember there is only 1 pen) from the person who was writing earlier and start writing from the beginning again on her paper.  

The game will continue like this. If someone makes a mistake while writing, then she will be out of the game. The game will continue until one player manages to complete writing her backward counting on the paper.


2) A Twist in the Story Game

Items required:

  • Paper for each player
  • Pen for each player

How to Play:

In this game, within 1 minute, each player has to write her first name multiple times on the paper. Each player has to then fold the sheet of paper they have used. The host will then ask each player to pass the folded sheet to the person sitting next to them.

The players will continue passing the papers (like passing the parcel)  to each other until the host says ‘stop’. Players have to stop circulating the folded papers when they hear the word ‘stop’.  Each player has to now open the folded paper that they have got and count the number of times the first name has been written (irrespective of who’s name it is) on it. The player whose paper has the maximum names will win the game.  


3) ‘Who is She?’ Game

Items required:

A pen for every member

A sheet with questions. Examples of questions have been given below:

  1. Always new-
  2. What makes your neck more beautiful-
  3. What makes your forehead more beautiful-
  4. What is found on your palm-
  5. Magic-
  6. A precious stone
  7. What makes your wrist more beautiful-
  8. Name of a fruit-
  9. What we got from books-
  10. Keep ____ in God
  11. It decorates your eyes-
  12. Beautiful-
  13. What stars do in the sky-
  14. Light-
  15. Full moon night-

How to Play:

Each member will get a sheet with such questions. Members have to guess the name of the actress that the questions are referring to (examples of answers are given below). The person who guesses the maximum number of names in 1 minute will be the winner.

  1. Always new-Nutan
  2. What makes your neck more beautiful-Mala Sinha
  3. What makes your forehead more beautiful-Bindiya Goswami, Bindu
  4. What is found on your palm-Rekha
  5. Magic-Karishma Kapoor
  6. A precious stone-Neelam
  7. What makes your wrist more beautiful-Kangana Ranaut
  8. Name of a fruit-Maushomi Chatterjee
  9. What we get from books-Vidya Balan
  10. Keep ____ in God-Shraddha Kapoor
  11. It decorates your eyes-Kajal
  12. Beautiful-Sonam Kapoor Ahuja
  13. What stars do in the sky-Twinkle Khanna
  14. Light-Deepika Padukone
  15. Full moon night-Poonam Dhillon


Try out these games for your next Kitty Party and let us know about your experience of playing these games with your friends!

Image Source: YouTube, bold concepts