Oiling Tips by Hair Expert Jawed Habib

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Jawed Habib is a well-known hair expert. His products are easily available in the market today and his hair care tips are extremely beneficial for us.

Hair care mainly involves the use of shampoos, conditioners, and oil. However, there are certain ways in which these products should be used in order to reap their benefits. It is very important for us to know this as well.

When we talk of oiling hair,  a lot of things pop up in our mind. Most people think that regular oiling will remove dandruff and improve the quality of hair. However, these are just simple myths. Jawed Habib has revealed that these so-called ‘facts’ are just myths. In fact, Habib has given a few tips that can help us understand the truth about oiling.  

Today, we will talk about a few Jawed Habib-approved ways of oiling hair: 

1) Oil works as a Moisturiser

According to Jawed Habib, oiling hair will neither remove dandruff nor will it make hair healthy. Habib says that oil just works a moisturizer for hair,  by giving hair a nice and lustrous shine.


2) Oil Hair 5-10 mins before Shampooing

Habib says that the ‘trend’ of oiling hair is prevalent throughout India, but this ‘trend’ is indeed wrong. He says that oiling should be done only 5-10 mins prior to shampooing hair. He also advises that one should never oil their hair and keep it overnight.


3) Do Not Apply Oil on the Roots of Hair

Oil should be applied to hair and not on the scalp. If we apply oil onto our scalp, it is possible that this oil will mix with the natural oils of our skin, thereby causing dandruff in hair. Not only does dandruff interfere with normal hair growth, but it also makes hair weaker.


4) Do Not use Expensive Oil

If someone suggests buying an expensive hair oil, never listen to them. People staying in North India should use mustard oil for oiling their hair, whereas people staying in South India should use coconut oil to oil their hair.


5) Oil works as a Pre-Conditioner

Oil can be used as a pre-conditioner for hair. We know that conditioning hair after shampooing them can make hair weaker. So, before shampooing, wet your hair and apply mustard oil on it.

For more information, watch the videos below:


So from today, break free from the myths associated with oiling hair! Follow Jawed Habib’s hair care and oiling tips to give your hair a new lease of life. If you also have some remedies, tips or tricks for oiling hair, do share them with us.

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