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Petite Pie Shop Is Gurgaon’s Pie Heaven, Don’t Believe Us? See For Yourself

Marketing Team | September 21, 2021

Those who’re looking for a cozy corner in the maddening crowd of Gurgaon would certainly find peace and a pie in Petite Pie Shop. With its harlequin flooring and marzipan pistachio-green colored walls, the bistro space looks like it is tumbled out of a fantastical storybook. This tiny place has a lot to offer to those in search of sinfully delicious pies, tarts, quiches, and pizzas.

The Petite Pie Shop is the brainchild of Chef Vanshika Bhatia. She has been trained in French Cuisine and Pastry art and has plenty of experience working with the world’s most iconic restaurants. It’s her unpretentious love for food, and a joyful outlook on its power that makes people fall in love with the food she makes. 

If You Have Sweet Teeth (Don’t We Mean Sweet Tooth? Nom, Nom, Nom!)


Try the signature Warm Apple Pie, which looks like a blooming rosette on a plate. Or, the Rose Baklava Pie, inspired by the popular Middle Eastern delicacy. There are cream and custard variants with Mango, Lime Curd, Lemon, or Lavender with Orange, to take your imagination into a whimsical French garden tea party.


Something for chocolate lovers? Always! ‘Trio of Chocolate’ celebrates the holy trinity of dark chocolate, white chocolate, and milk chocolate, with biscuit, sponge, and pastry cream. The proof is really in the pie with the Orange and Chocolate option, for it has sinfully delicious, 54% dark chocolate ganache.

What about those who are nuts for nuts? There’s an ingenious ‘Honeybee Pie’ with floral honey and nuts and caramelized ‘Walnut Fudge Pie’ is on the menu too.

Want Some Tummy-Filling Comfort-Food?


Hear the comfort-food call of the Potato and Leek or Pumpkin-Cream Cheese Pie, unless you, too, will be enchanted by the multi-textural complexity of the Wild Mushroom Pie, with locally sourced, earthy varieties. There’s a light and fluffy Fisherman’s Pie with fish of the season and creamy mash, and a mutton-mince variant of Shepherd’s Pie. The ketchupy Spanish Chorizo pie is not to be missed, neither is the Bacon Maple Whiskey Galette or the classic Pulled Pork.

The Pie Gods have Spoken: Even Pizza Qualifies!

What makes their pizzas special is the 100% biga dough. It’s a traditional pre-fermented dough, quintessentially Italian, and the secret behind the rustic taste.

At The Petite Pie Shop, you can also savor eternal classics, like French Onion Soup and croissant sandwiches. There is French bread so masterfully baked that you can nibble on them as they are, slather with your choice of preserves and spreads, or layer with cold-cuts and cheeses.

Drop by, say hi, grab a pie!:

Petite Pie Shop

Shop #23, (Ground Floor)

Worldmark – Sector 65



Marketing Team


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