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Poha Recipe: 8 Ways To Make With Flattened Rice | Benefits of Poha

Poha Recipe: 8 Ways To Make With Flattened Rice | Benefits of Poha

Saumya Srivastava | July 28, 2021

If one food that counts as one of the most healthy and sought after breakfasts in India, it is poha. Poha is not only healthy but is so delicious that one can never have enough of it. Besides, the low calories in poha make this dish a must-try for all the weight watchers. This popular Indian breakfast is eaten by people across the country in different forms. While some prefer enriching the taste of poha with peanuts, there are some who add a lot of vegetables to increase the health profile of poha. From poha recipe to poha’s health value, here is everything you need to know about poha.


What Is Poha?

Poha is one of the most popular dishes, especially in Maharashtra. You can make poha with flattened rice or what is called parched rice. This rice is so crisp that it can break easily. Furthermore, this even makes it much easier to make dishes with parched rice as it requires very little cooking. The other ingredients that you need for poha are peanuts, vegetables and more ingredients depending on the type of poha you are making. From kanda poha to dadpe poha, there are different ways of making poha in different regions.

Poha is also called by different names across the country. While in Konkan, poha is also known as phov and Bengalis on the other hand use chira for poha. There are other names too for poha which includes, avalakki, aval, paunva, pauwa and the list does not end here. While the poha recipe ingredients vary, yet the taste of this dish is so flavourful that you will like all its variety.


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Poha Recipes You Must Try At Home

1. Kanda Batata Poha Recipe

kanda poha recipe

This dish is a very popular food in Maharashtra. Kanda in Marathi means onions and batata means potato. So, the primary ingredient for making this type of poha is adding onions and potatoes. This Maharashtrian poha recipe is similar to that mentioned above. You just need to add boiled potatoes to the frying pan while frying all the vegetables. Apart from that, all the steps are similar to the above poha recipe. This recipe is so popular in Maharashtra that you can even find street food stalls selling kanda batata poha. So, if you are a Marathi food lover do not forget to try this authentic dish of Maharashtra. You can also follow our kanda batata poha recipe.

2. Dadpe Poha Recipe

dadpe pohe recipe

Unlike the kanda batata poha, the dadpe poha is made in a quite different style. However, the poha recipe ingredients are almost the same as that of kanda batata poha. The only difference is the addition of coconut for making dadpe poha. You can also add lemon juice and curry leaves to further enhance the taste of dadpe poha. It is better to add grated coconut instead of coconut powder so that this poha dish looks extremely appealing. Here is an easy dadpe poha recipe for your ease.

3. Indori Poha Recipe

Indori Poha Recipe

Indori poha is another type of poha that is mostly found in the Indore region. This dish is so popular in Indore that you can easily spot Indori poha in the different food stalls. What makes Indori poha different is the addition of sev. Other than that fennel seeds are also used for making Indori poha. The other twist given to Indori poha is that it is served along with jalebi. The unique combination of sweet and savoury flavours simply makes the dish extremely delicious and irresistible. And if you are looking for this recipe, here is a homemade Indori poha recipe for your ease.

4. Kanda Poha Recipe

Kanda Poha

Kanda poha is another popular recipe in Maharashtra. It is the kanda batata and kanda poha which are the most easily available poha varieties in Maharashtra. Kanda means onions in Marathi, thus all you have to do is add a lot of onions for making this type of poha. However, the calories in poha with onion does not vary much and this kanda poha still will aid in weight loss. You can even add red onions or any other varieties of onion for making kanda poha. All types of onions are sure to simply enhance the taste of your poha. You may also follow our page for a kanda poha recipe.


Other Dishes To Make With Poha

Apart from these poha dishes, you can also use poha for making other types of dishes. The unique combination of poha with other ingredients can make any dish super interesting and delicious. From poha chivda to sweet poha, there are different types of dishes to make with poha. So, here is a list of dishes that you can make.

5. Poha Payasam

Poha Payasam

Give your South Indian sweet dish a twist with poha payasam. Poha payasam is a sweet dish that you can make with poha. This dish is different as you need to add poha instead of rice. You can add a lot of dry fruits like raisins, nuts and more to make this dish more flavourful.

Recipe link: Poha Payasam

6. Poha Idli

Poha Idli

Another way of giving a twist to your meals is making poha idli. Poha idli! Yes, you have heard us right! This dish is so flavourful that it can even make your bland day more flavourful. So, make poha idli for your breakfast and relish its taste with sambar and chutney.

Recipe link: Poha Idli

7. Poha Appam

appam recipe with poha

What can be better than appam which is an absolute delight. Appams are so soft from the inside and crunchy from the outside that you can never have enough of them. All you have to do is add poha to the other ingredients of poha appam.

Recipe link: Appam Recipe with Poha

8. Poha Tikki

Poha Tikki

Tikki is a popular snack in India. These crunchy bites can be made using different ingredients. However, give a twist to your usual aloo tikki by adding poha to it. You can best enjoy poha tikki with green chutney or even with the sauce. Just what an avid foodie seeks!

Recipe link: Poha Tikki


Benefits Of Eating Poha

Poha is undoubtedly one of the most healthy dishes. It contains so many essential nutrients that it keeps your body fit and fine. Not just this, even your appetite remains satisfied for a longer time with poha. It is a rich source of iron and can even prevent iron deficiency in your body or reduce the risk of anaemia. So, here are some health benefits of this nutrition-packed dish.

1. Helps Lower Blood Sugar Level

Poha is a rich source of fibres. It also helps in regulating blood sugar levels by preventing a sudden spike in blood sugar levels. Rather than a sudden flow, poha helps the blood sugar to release at a slower rate. So, if you are facing problems with your blood sugar level, then we recommend you add poha to your diet.


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2. Poha Is Good For Digestion

Poha is one of the best foods to aid digestion. It is so light that you can easily digest poha. Not just this, poha even reduces the chances of bloating and also keeps your stomach full for a long time. So, you can always have poha for your breakfast or even during the evening snacks.

3. Poha Is A Good Probiotic Food

Did you know that poha comes with some probiotic benefits? Poha undergoes the process of fermentation while making, thus it contains many microbial properties. This process also keeps your gut healthy and benefits your body in a promising manner. So, do not forget to add this probiotic food to your daily diet.

4. Helps In Weight Loss

Here is a food tip that can help most weight watchers. Poha which is very low in calories is extremely beneficial for all those who want to lose weight. As poha keeps your appetite satisfied for a longer time, it also reduces the hunger pangs and thus aids weight loss. However, the addition of peanuts may increase the calories of poha. So, we suggest adding peanuts to your wisely.


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5. Boosts Energy

As you all know poha is a rice-based food, so it contains many nutrients. These nutrients help to boost energy levels and metabolism. The presence of vitamin B1 in poha makes it furthermore important for boosting the energy levels of your body. The best part about poha is that it is very light in nature.

6. Rich Source Of Healthy Carbohydrates

Another nutrient that makes poha extremely healthy for your body is carbohydrates. Poha is a good source of carbohydrates. It is these carbohydrates that will help your body to perform its everyday functions. Besides, to further increase the health profile add a lot of vegetables like peas, cauliflower and more.

So, make the best use of poha and try to cook different types of poha at your home.


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