Popular Celebrities rumored to be Gay

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India always had an LGBTQ (Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer) community, but this community was rarely spoken about. However, the recognition that the LGBTQ community has started to get globally, has had an impact in India as well.

Section 377 of the Indian Constitution is a colonial-era judgment that criminalized the practice of ‘unnatural sex’ i.e., intercourse between people of the same gender. The Central government recently decided to not ‘oppose’ the decriminalization of Section 377 and has now left this decision to the “wisdom” of the Supreme Court of India.

The Supreme Court of India is currently on the verge of passing a landmark judgment on Section 377 of the Indian Constitution. With this progressive reform about to take place, BetterButter brings to you 5 popular celebrities who are rumored to be gay-

1) Karan Johar

Karan Johar is one of the most sought-after directors and producers in the film industry today. Karan has always been rumored to be gay and in his autobiography ‘An Unsuitable Boy’, Karan has addressed the topic of his sexuality.


2) Rohit Bal

Rohit Bal is one of the most popular designers in the fashion industry today. Many actors and actresses have been seen wearing his designs at parties and at events. Rohit is one of the few celebrities who has openly come out of the closet and confirmed that he is indeed gay.


3) Manish Malhotra

manish malhotra gay

Be it Kareena Kapoor Khan or Alia Bhatt, nearly every actor and actress in the film industry has been dressed up (at least once) by Manish Malhotra. Though rumored to be gay, the designer has never confirmed his sexual orientation publicly.


4) Bobby Darling

bobby darling gay

Bobby Darling was born as Pankaj Sharma. People often insulted and poked fun at the actor because of his homosexuality. Pankaj Sharma then underwent a sex-change operation and became Bobby Darling.


 5) Manish Arora

Known for his quirky and colorful designs, designer Manish Arora is another celebrity who has revealed that he is gay.

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