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Rujuta’s Tips for Good Skin, Healthy Hair and a Flat Stomach!

Riya Aggarwal | November 13, 2018

Kareena Kapoor Khan’s dietician, Rujuta Diwekar, is probably one of the most well-known dieticians today. Rujuta is often seen giving tips about how to follow a healthy diet.

However, today we will tell you Rujuta’s tips to get good skin, healthy hair and a flat stomach.


For Good Skin

Rujuta says that our skin is the best indicator of our health. If your skin is regularly breaking out, then it implies that you are following a bad diet and/or over exercising. For good skin, it is very important to follow a food group and nutrient based diet. Indigestion and hormonal imbalance can also lead to poor skin. Rujuta recommends the following for getting healthy and glowing skin:


1)  Raisins and Saffron

Rujuta says that you should soak raisins and saffron, and consume them every morning. Doing so ensures that the body receives all the minerals and the flavonoids that are required to balance out the hormones.

Soaked raisins and saffron are a great remedy for women suffering from PCOD. This combination also helps in having a pain-free period. Rujuta says that if you are having pain-free periods, then it means that your skin is healthy and is glowing.


2) Araf, Haleem and Garden Cress Seeds

Rujuta says that having araf, haleem and garden cress seeds is very beneficial for the skin. She says that these seeds are a rich source of iron and nutrients. Rujuta even says that these seeds improve your complexion and are even better than the fairness creams that are available in the market! She says that when you are healthy from the inside, your body tends to glow from the inside and this is what makes you glow from the outside as well.

Rujuta says that all these seeds can easily be incorporated into your daily diet. She says that you can roll these seeds into laddoos made from coconut, jaggery and ghee.  If you do not have the time to make laddoos, you can soak a teaspoon of the seeds in milk and have them. If you do not like milk, you can soak the seeds in ghee. If you do not like both ghee and milk, then you can add these seeds into a mixture of dry coconut and jaggery, and have it as a midday meal. Rujuta recommends having this at 11 am or 3 pm. She also says that you should have this mixture depending on how hungry you feel.


3) Homemade Pickles

Rujuta says that homemade pickles are the best thing for the skin! Surprising right? She says that having pickles helps to maintain the diversity of the gut bacteria. However, she says that you should be careful about two things before making or having pickles.

Rujuta says that pickles should always be made in the traditional way-the way our dadis and nanis used to make them. While preparing pickles, always use Himalayan salt or a mineral-rich salt. If you have to use the regular white salt, then use ‘jaada namak’. Rujuta says that consuming a little bit of pickle with your lunch and dinner restores and assimilates Vitamin D in the body. This, in turn, leads to a better quality of sleep. Better sleep improves your skin and even has an anti-ageing effect on it.



For Healthy Hair


1) Dal, Chawal and Ghee

Rujuta says that having dal, chawal and ghee at night is a foolproof remedy for getting healthy hair. She even says that getting proper sleep is very important for the health of your hair.


2) Fenugreek Seeds (Methi)

Rujuta repeatedly emphasizes the importance of fenugreek for healthy hair. However, she says that just soaking fenugreek seeds and then having the water will not give you healthy hair. To reap the benefits of fenugreek, it is imperative to have fenugreek with some essential fats. Fenugreek works best when it is combined with fats.

Rujuta recommends making methi dana laddos and having them to improve the health of your hair. But she even says that rather than tasting sweet, these laddos taste bitter. She says that one should stick to making traditional recipes that use fenugreek. She gives the example of pumpkin vegetable. Fenugreek seeds are traditionally used in the preparation of this vegetable.


3) Turmeric (Haldi)

Turmeric is a super food that has been used in Indian cooking since ancient times. Be it turmeric milk or curries and vegetables that use turmeric, this spice is very beneficial for your hair. Apart from this, Rujuta also says that you should use coconut oil for oiling your hair.



For a Flat Stomach

Rujuta says that crash dieting is the worst form of dieting! She says that crash dieting is a complete no-no, if you want to have a flat stomach. She also says that if you regularly feel bloated, then it means you are following an unhealthy diet that is actually ruining your metabolic health. Rujuta says that the “consistent loss of fat from the midriff area” is the right way to get a flat stomach.


1) Develop Flexibility in the Hamstrings

Developing flexibility in your hamstrings is the first step to getting a flat stomach. The hamstring muscles are the muscles present in your thighs. Rujuta says that to develop flexibility in this area, one should follow a regular yoga and/or stretching routine. She says that women should avoid wearing heels, unless it is absolutely necessary for them to wear heels. Rather than wearing heels, women should wear nice and comfortable chappals or slippers. She also says that you should not sit in one place for a long time. You should always follow an active lifestyle to develop flexibility in the hamstrings.


2) Bone Mineral Density of the Femur

The femur or the thigh bone, is the longest bone in the human body. This bone bears the brunt of the entire body weight of a person. It is very important to improve and maintain the bone mineral density in this bone. Rujuta says that if you lose the bone mineral density in the femur, it inevitably leads to a big stomach. A low bone mineral density in the femur can also cause you to expand from the sides.

To ensure that the bone mineral density remains intact, Rujuta says that you should consume dal-chawal, ghee, bajra, seasonal laddoos and seasonal fruit. You should always have traditional, home-cooked food. She also recommends doing weight training at least once a week to improve bone mineral density.


3) Strong Back

Rujuta says that having a nice, muscular and strong back leads to a toned midriff. She says that women should not worry about having a muscular back. In fact, she says that having a muscular back is actually very good for you. Not only does a muscular back lead to a flat stomach but it also makes your back appear nice and sexy when you wear backless blouses or saree blouses.

To develop a strong back, Rujuta says that women should do upper body and lower body weight training. She also says that women should do back bending yoga asanas such as Ushtrasana, Chakrasana and Dhanurasana.


Rujuta says that your skin, hair and your tummy can tell you a lot about your health. She says that:

  • If your skin is breaking out, it means that you are losing your metabolic fitness.
  • If you are losing hair or have scanty hair, it means that you are following a limited diet that has started acting on your hormones.
  • If you feel bloated, it means that your metabolic health is being compromised.

Apart from the tips given above, Rujuta says that women should work out for 150 mins per week, i.e., approximately 20 mins everyday. She says that you should follow a sustainable diet and go to bed on time every single day.

To learn more about this, watch the video below:

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