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Should I Trust My Husband Again?

Team BetterButter | June 11, 2018

I have a beautiful, small world of my own that is filled with love and laughter. My world includes my loving husband Aakash and my two lovely daughters Riddhi and Siddhi.

Money, love, and time-we have enough of it! We have a perfect world,  but sometimes this perfection scares me. It scares me because I am afraid that someone’s evil eye may crumble this perfect world of mine…

Nowadays, I am really worried about something. I do not know if I should be worried or if I should just think of it as a bad dream and forget about it.

As soon as I made milk at night and entered the bedroom, a message notification showed up on my husband Aakash’s phone.

Aakash and I don’t hide anything from each other, we trust each other wholeheartedly. In fact, the passwords on our phones are also the same! When I saw the message, it showed that the sender of the message was someone named Manisha. Without opening it, I read the first two line of the message. The lines were, “We will talk about what happened today, tomorrow, in the office.” There was more written, but I didn’t read it because Aakash tells me everything about his work and his life. If I opened the message to read the rest of it and Aakash saw me doing so, then he would think that I don’t trust him anymore.

But after reading this message, I became anxious and worried. I don’t know what sort of thoughts started to take root in my mind. Was Aakash having an affair? What would happen to the kids and me? I was already worried and these thoughts made me even more restless.

While I was thinking about this, Aakash came and sat next to me. He said to me, “You do so much work. You’ll get tired.” Hearing these words reassured me and I lay down with him, using his hands as my pillow. Then Aakash spoke again. He said, “Raashi, I need to tell you something.” When he said these words, I could already see the anxiousness and regret on his face and the tension lines on his forehead.  I calmly said to him, “Tell me.”

Aakash said, “I don’t know how to tell you” and I said, “Just tell me like you always tell me.”  His next words were “Raashi, there is a girl in my office named Manisha.” These words sent a chill down my spine and it took me everything I had to control my response to this. Aakash continued, “I don’t know how, but while working with Manisha,  I’ve actually started to like her. She speaks politely and respectfully, she always shares what she gets from home with all of us. We often go for coffee together, not alone but with other colleagues of ours. ” Every word Aakash was saying, awakened a new fear in me but I still did not say anything, I just listened.  

Unconscious of the effect his words were having on me, Aakash continued. He said, “Manisha showed me a picture of her family today. After seeing the picture, I saw how happy her family is, just like us. I then realized that I should not think about this at all.”

Quietly I told him, “You saw her family photo and that’s why you decided not to think of her?” Aakash told me, “It’s nothing like that, it was just an attraction and nothing more. The kids and you are everything for me! If there was anything like this in my heart, why would I tell you then?”

I quickly asked him, “What about the message then? The one where she said you will discuss whatever happened today?”  On hearing this, Aakash burst out laughing and said, “Manisha was talking about a client! A client of ours did not like a design and he said a lot of nasty things to us. That’s why she said we’ll discuss tomorrow so that we don’t lose this client of ours.”   

This whole topic got over. That night got over, but still, that one thought is still stuck in my head.

If this happened, is it possible that this can move forward? Can these feelings resurface for someone else? Should I be happy about my husband’s honesty and that he told me about it? You only tell me what to do. Send your advice to me!

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