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Table Manners we all need to know but Don’t

Nithya Lakshmi | April 25, 2018

While dining out, table manners are of utmost importance if you are with your friends or professional colleagues. Though most of you may not realize, table manners during a meal will showcase you in a better way. If you have forgotten the basics, here we have few tips to get started. Next time you dine out, make sure you remember to follow them.

1. Seating arrangements

seating - table manners

If you are invited to an official dinner party, there must be some seating preferences with name cards where you are supposed to sit. Check the same before you take a seat.  


2. Placing the napkin

napkin -table manners

While you are dining out, wait for the host to unfold their napkin before you do. Place your napkin on your lap immediately and take the cue from your host on when to start. If you are going to fetch something and return to the table, place the napkin folded on any one side. After eating, place the napkin on the left of your plate.


3. When should you start?

when to begin -Table manners

Be patient and wait to see if all the members of the group are served. Then you may begin your meal. If it is a buffet system, you may join the others and start eating. Otherwise, while seated, wait for the host to start first before you begin to eat.


4. The Fork and the Knife Concept

fork & knife - table manners

While eating, you need to understand which spoon, fork and knife to be used for your salads, soups and the main course. You need to start using from the outward in. The spoon at the far left is for the salads and soups and the one nearer is for the main dish.  Always remember to hold the knife on your right and fork on your left. And place them diagonally on your plate when you are finished.


5. Get your side plates right

side plate -Table manners

Which is your side plate?  Are you still confused and used to eating from the wrong plate?! The rule of thumb to be noted here is that all solids will be served on the left side and liquids on the right. So the plate on the left side is yours.


6. When you need something from the other side of the table

other side of table - Table manners

If you are finding a dish far away from your place, ask the person near to it to pass it to you and wait for the same. Intruding someone while they are eating or reaching out to the dish all by yourself and disturbing others in the middle doesn’t look good.


7. If you feel like sneezing/coughing

sneezing Table manners

When you feel like coughing, burping or sneezing, be attentive to it. Use your handkerchief to cover and don’t just let it split.

Remember the above tips when you go out next time!

Image source – the healthsite, bilkulonline,123RF,stmarkedmond,homestratosphere,pinterest.

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