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Teaching Children the Difference between Good Touch and Bad Touch

Priyanka Verma | October 10, 2018

A child’s security is a matter of grave concern for today’s parents. Not only for girls but also for boys, there has been a worrisome concern for their safety, because every other day there is some incident which shows the growing social distortion in the society. To save your children, it is very important that you explain to them the difference between a good touch and a bad touch. This will help your child differentiate between good touch and bad touch. Here are some important tips for you on this topic: 

1) Not Everyone is Trustworthy

When your child is a little over four years, then it is the right time to start explaining this to him/her. First of all, he/she needs to be told that he/she cannot trust everyone because it can be dangerous. Explain to him/her that he/she should never go somewhere with an unknown person nor should he/she eat anything given by an unknown person.


2) Be your Child’s Friend

By speaking openly to your child, you will be able to explain anything. This is important in order to satisfy your child’s curiosity and the questions that surface in your child’s mind. If your child feels that he/she might be scolded if he/she asks something or you would not listen to him/her, he/she will not tell you many things. 


3) Patiently Explain Sensitive Topics

Remember that it may take a little longer to educate your child on this subject. You will have to be very patient while talking about such sensitive topics. It might take time for him/her to understand things and for that you have to choose the right words. Explain about the private parts of his/her body and also that no one else can touch them except mom. If anybody tries to do this or if anyone asks your child to touch his private parts, then do not do it and tell mom and dad immediately.


4) Keep Track of who Touches or Kisses your Baby

As a parent, keep in mind that you don’t send the baby anywhere outside the family and if you do, send him/her along with a person who is trustworthy. Always take the child with you and keep an eye on any person taking him/her in his/her lap or kissing your child. If the child is a little older, tell the child that he does not have to go near anyone and if someone tells him to sit or kiss in the lap, then he should refuse immediately.


5) Win the Child’s Trust

It is your responsibility to safeguard your child till he is young. For this, it is important that he does not feel hesitant to share anything with you. Give the child full assurance that if he is feeling anything bad/uncomfortable somewhere, then he/she can tell you immediately. Your relationship with the child should be such that he/she should share with you every small thing.

And finally, a word of advice for you. Remember, nothing is more important than your child’s safety. Immediately take appropriate steps as soon as there is any fear of insecurity. Even if it angers someone, it should not bother you.

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