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The Hidden Truth of Alia Bhatt Starrer Raazi

Ankit Kumar | May 25, 2018

We all liked the movie Raazi and the acting skills of Alia Bhatt were very much appreciated for this film. But do you know the real story behind this movie? Do you know that this film is based on the book ‘Calling Sehmat’ written by Harinder Sikka? Harinder Sikka is a retired lieutenant commander of the Indian Navy, who did things he had never imagined to learn the untold story of a brave patriot ‘Sehmat’.

After his retirement from Navy, Harinder Sikka started working as a journalist, and in 1999 he went to the Kargil battlefield as an embedded journalist. His first question with the intelligence officials present there was – How could the infiltrators occupy the Kargil peaks? Could it be that there is a traitor between us and is passing them information? Suddenly an officer sitting there stood up and said: “Not everyone is a traitor, my mother was not traitor”. This sentence occupied the mind of Harinder Sikka and he became very curious to know the story behind the sentence made by the young officer.

After much effort, he found the house of that officer. Harinder Sikka went there and knocked on the door, a woman came from inside. Harinder introduced himself, told her his rank and requested her permission to talk but the lady denied his request with politeness. Even after getting denied, Harinar’s passion didn’t fade and he kept on trying to talk to that woman-Sehmat.

After a lot of effort, the woman started talking and told him few things after which he went to Pakistan to learn further about her story. He was able to co-relate the story of the lady with the story of the Indian Intelligence Agencies and as he was himself a retired navy officer of the Indian Navy, he knew that someone was sending intelligence from Pakistan, that PNS Ghazi was around Visakhapatnam.  He was able to link all of these things and finally, he did find the truth. He then asked Sehmat for her permission to write a book based on her, to which she agreed. After they both agreed to bring this story to the world, it took the author 8 years to convert this story into a novel.

In 2008 his book ‘Calling Sehmat’ was launched in which he discusses the whole incident of how a common Kashmiri girl became a spy and risked her life for her country. Harinder wrote the story in such a way that it was not possible to identify Sehmat or her family.

Sehmat, a woman who served her country from the shadows far from the limelight, in such a way that nobody even knows her real name. She gave up everything for serving her country and even sent his only son to join the Indian army. Today Sehmat is not with us anymore, but we salute her courage and sacrifice.

Through this film, we now know a little bit about her life, but we cannot even fathom the difficulties she had to suffer.

Hear the true story of Sehmat from the Author – Harinder Sikka:

Ankit Kumar




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