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Top 10 Holiday Recipes for Christmas

Team BetterButter | November 16, 2017

Top 10 Holiday Recipes for Christmas

Nothing raises gloomy spirits in winters like Christmas does. Sight of fairy lights and scent of the new season will prep you for festivities that mark the arrival of the New Year 2018. Warm delicacies prepared by your mothers and grandmothers will make you feel grateful and happy. Company of family and good friends will allow you to celebrate the festivities with joy and fervor.

Celebrated every year on the 25th of December, Christmas is incomplete without decorated-tree, delicious dinner and gifts for loved ones. You can prepare your best recipes on this special day and surprise your loved ones as they bond over food and drinks. Food, fun and friends will definitely make an amazing trio this Christmas.

Kids are especially excited during Christmas as they await a visit from Santa Claus, who showers them with their choice of goodies. The festival holds special significance as Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ along with bidding adieu to the current year. The festival spells new beginnings, new joys and new promises for a better future. Fireworks, desserts, drinks and prayers adorn the celebratory mood of the festivities.

So, what are you waiting for? Christmas is just round the corner. Get your preparations in order. Bring home a beautiful Christmas tree and dress it up with awesome goodies.

Food brings people together. Let this Christmas, your dining table be the best place for warm conversations as your unfold your 10 holiday recipes for Christmas.

1. Jam Sandwich Cookies

The perfect cookie recipe to make your Christmas even more delightful and wonderful.

Jam sandwich cookies


2. Fruit Cake

A traditional favourite in any home, this easy to make cake is a Christmas delight.

Fruit cake


3. Chocochip Eggless Cookie

Yummy eggless cookies are everyone’s favourite.

Chocochip eggless cookies


4. Kaffir Lime and Syracuse Grilled Chicken

Simple and flavorful grilled chicken recipe which gets ready in a jiffy. The Syracuse spice along with the aroma king lime has made this dish highly delicious.

Gondhoraj Lime and Syracuse Grilled Chicken


5. Mini Mug Gingerbread House

Mini Mug Gingerbread House

Cute little gingerbread houses to perch on your cup of coffee/tea, ideal for your Christmas preparations.


6. Chicken Chat in Baked Bread Cone

Delicious and nutritious recipe, best for special occasions.



7. Eggless Snowmen Cookies

Snowmen cookies are perfect to spruce up your Christmas celebrations. Children, especially will love these snow men cookies.

Eggless Snow men Cookies


8. Egg Roast

A native dish to Kerela, eggs roasted in a fiery masala gravy enjoyed with appam or puttu. Spice up your Christmas celebrations with this delicious recipe.

egg roast


9. Baked Honey Soy Chicken

This dish is absolutely lip-smacking – sweet and spicy and sour; bursts of flavour all the way! The best bit – it’s easy to prepare.

Baked soy honey chicken


10. Double Chocolate Pumpkin Brownies

Pumpkin puree added softness and sweetness to the brownies. The brownies turned out moist and chocolaty……simple and healthy!

Double Chocolate Pumpkin Brownies


So, try these awesome top 10 holiday recipes for Christmas and celebrate your holidays.