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Travel Destinations made Famous by Bollywood

Nithya Lakshmi | July 13, 2018

Are you struck by wanderlust and are you always seeking inspiration from various sources to plan your next vacation? Today we bring to you a list of must-visit travel destinations from around the globe, which have come into the limelight due to Bollywood movies. So, kudos to all the Bollywood directors and cinematographers who discovered these places and brought them onto the silver screen. 

1) Corsica, France

Did you know that a place called Corsica existed before you watched the movie ‘Tamasha’? Imtiaz Ali’s ‘Tamasha’ was shot in the French islands of Corsica. In the film,  the lead actors are seen strolling down the streets of Corsica-singing, dancing and visiting the innumerable restaurants, cafes, and bars that this city has to offer.

Though Corsica is known for gang violence, the production team chose this beautiful Mediterranean island to shoot the movie because of the stunning views, the beautiful scenery and the crystal clear blue waters of the sea.  ‘Tamasha’ was also the first Indian movie to qualify for the film incentives that France offers to producers and directors from around the world. 


2) New York, USA

How can one forget the skyscrapers in the famous Bollywood movie ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’? This blockbuster movie not only showcased a storyline that touched everyone’s heart but it was also filmed in some of the important and popular tourist spots in New York, which are worth a visit.

The Brooklyn Bridge, Wall Street, Bow Bridge, and the Water’s Edge restaurant are some places where some of the most important scenes of the movie were filmed.  Make it a point to visit all these filming locations when visiting New York! 


3) Munnar, Kerala

Set in South India, the movie ‘Chennai Express’ was indeed a visual treat for the audience.  The vibrant colors and the beautiful scenery seen in the movie were all real-life locations situated in the city of Munnar, Kerala.

In the ‘Title’ song of the movie, Deepika Padukone is seen doing a classical dance in a traditional dancer’s costume. This song not only shows the love that Deepika’s character feels for Shah Rukh Khan’s character in the movie, but it also showcases the state of Kerala in all its glory.


4) London, UK

This blockbuster movie Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham showcases all the places which you need to visit when in the UK. The Raichand house is the movies was the famous Waddesdon manor in Buckinghamshire city.  The song “Deewana Hai Dekho” was shot in the British Museum and the most emotional scene of the movie, where Rahul meets his mother, was shot in the Bluewater shopping mall, UK.  Along with a storyline that beautifully puts forward the message that “its all about loving your family,” the director of the movie has also given the audience an insight into the lovely city of London. 


5) Abu Dhabi, UAE

The movie ‘Race 3’,  has a lot of action and drama in it and is set amidst tall buildings and vast deserts. The movie undoubtedly shows some of the must-visit places in Abu Dhabi such as the Liwa desert, the Emirates steel industry, St. Regis and the famous Burj Mohammed Bin Rashid Museum.

Director Remo D’Souza has not only kept the audience glued to the twisted storyline of the movie,  but he has also showcased some stunning must-visit places in Abu Dhabi. 

Image source:  wikipedia commons, wikipedia, flickr, fanpop, indian nerve

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