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Trending Designs in Gold Bracelets

Priyanka Verma | August 22, 2018

Dhanteras is around the corner and this is the festival of buying gold. This is because dhanteras means wealth and prosperity. If you are also thinking of buying something for dhanteras, then why not buy a beautiful gold bracelet? One should always buy a bracelet that suits one’s personality. If you wish to buy a bracelet for daily wear, then it should be strong and sturdy. One should also know the correct length of a bracelet for women. Women bracelets should be 7 inches in length.

Let’s take a look at the latest bracelet designs in the market today: 

1) Barfi Shaped Bracelet

This barfi shaped bracelet design will make your heart melt! The best thing about this design is that the tiny diamonds, in the shape of a barfi, look very attractive and make the bracelet look very elegant.


2) Diamond Studded, Circular Gold Bracelet

This design is special. You don’t need a special occasion to wear this bracelet. Be it a western or an Indian dress – this bracelet goes with every dress.


3) Mangalsutra Bracelet

This particular design is very much in demand. This design solves two purposes – you can wear your mangalsutra in the form of a bracelet. You can also add any shape at the bottom of the bracelet, such as a star, heart or diamond.


4) Rajwada Bracelet

Big is royal. The ruby in the middle of the bracelet gives a contrasting effect, and that’s the reason why this bracelet is called a Rajwada Bracelet.


5) Queen Bracelet

When worn, this bracelet will make you feel like a queen, as it is made from gold and diamond. The bracelet sparkles, even from a distance.


6) ‘Om’ Mangalsutra Bracelet

The Mangalsutra bracelet with an ‘Om’ is a sacred bracelet and it looks very classy. Mangalsutra is sacred in itself and when you add ‘Om’ to it, it becomes even more auspicious.


7) Kadha Bracelet

Luck is with you. This bracelet is in the shape of a kadha and has 7 diamonds, which is a lucky number for many people. 7 is supposed to be a lucky number,  that’s why we have 7 pheras, 7 rivers and 7 wonders of the world.


8) Meenakari Bracelet

If you like jewelry, then you must have a Meenakari bracelet since it is very colorful and looks good with any dress. This stunning bracelet looks very royal when worn!

Image Source: Pinterest

Priyanka Verma




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