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Trending Recipes in October 2020 | BetterButter Special

Marketing Team | November 10, 2020

With the increasing buzz around the festive season, Better Butter has been overwhelmed with varied interests across various delicious recipes that are being prepared at your homes. 

Ranging across various cuisines, here are the Top 10 recipes that have trended on Better Butter in October. We hope you find your favorite recipes below and dig right in!

Texas Honey Biscuit

These delicious American biscuits have an inescapable aroma of honey butter. These honey biscuits will instantly melt in your mouth and their softness is incomparable. What’s more, is that these biscuits can be ready within 30 minutes. These biscuits can be glazed with honey butter as soon as they are fresh out of the oven! If you are a vegetarian and want to look for egg-free baking recipes, these biscuits will be perfect. 

Fruit Cake

These cakes are embedded with colorful Tutti Fruti. Fruit cakes are adored by kids due to their sweet vanilla flavor. Furthermore, their mixture contains ground almonds which make these cakes a highly nutritious snack. Fruit cakes have longer preparation time but they can be stored so that you can enjoy these anytime.

We suggest that you follow this recipe to accompany your tea or coffee with the right snack. These will be perfect for festive occasions like birthdays or Christmas!

Mushroom Matar Masala (Without Onion & Garlic)

Mushroom is an underrated ingredient in almost all Indian kitchens.This creamy Mushroom curry is a delectable get away from your regular curries. Just a few soft mushrooms, green peas, and freshly ground spices are all you need to prepare this appetizing gravy. 

The best part? You can skip the usage of onion and garlic and still relish the same tangy flavors.Give this one a try today! 


Baked Sutarfeni

This is a famous Maharashtrian recipe that can be quickly prepared in under 20 minutes. Sutarfeni is a healthy dish which is low on fats. Since the recipe involves plentiful usage of saffron and pistachios, Sutarfeni is extremely nutritious. You can store your Sutarfeni between sheets of parchment in an airtight container.  

Eggless Milk Powder cake

Another cake recipe that has been trending on Better Butter is the Milk Powder Cake. Now you can follow this recipe to make delicious, moist and fluffy cakes at home! This special recipe makes this cake super soft even without the use of eggs. The enlisted method makes it super easy to make these Milk Powder cakes. The total preparation time is between 30- 40 minutes. Further, you can serve this cake with beverages as a quick snackable. 

Milk Cake

Black Coffee

There is nothing else that can leave you fresh on a winter morning like Black coffee! One of our easiest recipes, black coffee also has various health benefits like lowered risk of cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer’s. To monitor your caffeine intake, you can curate your own perfect cup of coffee that will take care of your health while making you feel like a million bucks! Black Coffee is versatile and can be enjoyed at any point of the day with a suitable snack! 


Club Kachori/Kolkata Style Club Kachori

One of Kolkata’s treasured food treats! Club Kachoris are bite-sized mini puris that are traditionally made with maida but can be prepared with wheat as well. These kachoris are fluffy and crisp partners to the delicious Bengali Potato curry that calls for the classic Paanchphoran masala mix. 

Try this flavorful combination just once and you’ll definitely crave for more! 

Dry Paan Refreshment (Paan Mukhawas)

Need a refresher after a heavy meal? We’ve got you covered! Paan is a famous Indian refresher prepared using Betel leaves and some dry Indian masalas. It’s long-lasting minty and herby flavors is what makes it a top choice during the festive season.

This Dry Paan Masala Recipe is a quick mixture of refreshing masalas and natural taste enhancers that can come in handy to prepare any Paan type.

Paan Masla

Pomfret Fish Curry Kerala Style

Make yourself a rich, flavorful, and aromatic Pomfret curry right at home! This traditional Kerala Style Pomfret Curry is a spicy red gravy that is mostly relished with Kappa or rice.

The usage of intensely spiced fish and pan smeared masala makes this dish a classic! 

Amla Wine

What if we tell you that a glass of wine can offer the same benefits as Amla?Making its way through the rich South Indian culture, this traditional wine recipe is a great alternative to make your drinks healthier.

This unique drink is delicately warm and flavorful, with a lingering sweet aftertaste! 



What better than warm homemade meals prepared with love to gift your loved ones during festivities? 

Give our trending recipes a chance to add new flavors to your festive celebrations and make it an occasion to cherish forever. 

Happy Cooking!