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Usage tips for sour curd

Team BetterButter | April 30, 2019

Usage tips for sour curd

Do you throw away sour curd thinking it to be a waste? If so, then read this article before you do this the next time.

Many people think that curd is a waste if it develops a tangy taste. But we are not aware of the wondrous benefits of this tangy curd.  

How does curd become sour?

Curd is formed due to some bacterial action. But in case the weather is too hot or due to some other issues, bacteria multiply rapidly and they increase the production of Lactic acid in yogurt, eventually causing its taste to become sour. However, these bacteria are not harmful for consumption.

So check out some amazing benefits of sour curd:

For fermentation

Sour curd is a well-known ingredient for fermentation. Fermentation involving lactic acid enhances the nutritive value of food. Sour curd provides folic acid, iron, zinc, phosphorus and niacin. Lactic acid is also found in sour curd. All of these are essential for our body. Naan, bhatooraas, idlis and dosa are some examples of dishes formed by fermentation.


It is prepared by churning out the butter from curd. It can be consumed in both flavors – sweet or salty. It’s a renowned drink for summers across India. The drink works brilliant in digestion and also helps to regulate the temperature of the body.


It is a traditional dish from India. The main ingredients are chickpea flour and sour curd (or buttermilk extracted from this curd). Other spices and flavors are based on culture and tastes. Kadhi is a dish made in almost all the Indian states. The basic ingredients are same, just a little twist is added depending upon one’s cultures.

Apart from these mouth-watering dishes, sour curd has some additional benefits:

Healthy hair

Curd has been used for hair treatments since ages in India. It is rich in vitamin B5 and Vitamin D. It is also rich in essential amino acids, zinc, potassium and magnesium. These minerals provide nutrition to the hair such as protein. As a result, you’ll have fungus free, smooth and shiny hair. You can also apply different hair masks according to your problems.

Spotless skin

The presence of essential amino acids in curd helps nourish your skin and keep it hydrated. It tightens your skin and helps you recover your clogged pore issues. It also has anti-bacterial properties which are great if you have acne prone skin. The presence of lactic acid helps you get over fine lines, tan and pigmentation.


So these were some of the benefits of sour curd. You can try these dishes and skincare remedies and make the best use of sour curd instead of wasting it.

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