Vaginal Health: How to Keep your Vagina Healthy

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While you might be assuming that you know all about keeping your vagina clean, chances are you might be wrong. Some might consider just douching it is enough to get rid of the bacteria sitting there. Well, there are a few other crucial points to understand, in order to have a healthy vagina. Also, doctors explain that a healthy vagina will have just a teaspoon of discharge a day which is nothing to worry or wonder about. However, if your vagina has a smell or a colored discharge then you need to take care of that.

So here we have listed some ways in which you can maintain vaginal health-

1) Maintain pH Levels

You must know that a vagina has a healthy pH balance of around 4.5. This naturally takes care to offend infections that occur in your vagina with the help of good bacteria. Washing too often might disrupt this process and give way to infections to settle in the vaginal tract. Abstain from using any rough soap when you clean as this also reduces the ph levels.


2) Get your Outfits Right

Wearing the right type of clothes also is crucial to protect your vagina from bad bacteria. Tightly fitted bottoms and underwears might moisturize the area allowing yeast to rest easily. This might infect your vagina. So ensure you wear comfortable and breathable clothes and change soon after your swimming or workout routine to keep it dry.


3) Workout Regularly

Do your Kegel exercises regularly to maintain a healthy vagina. This exercise squeezes the muscles near the pelvic area, vagina, anus and helps in bladder control.  You can consult a pelvic physiotherapist for better understanding. Such exercises will facilitate smooth labor during childbirth and also help to avoid urine leakage.


4) Eat a Healthy Diet

By eating a balanced healthy diet, you can protect your vagina from various infections. Take a lot of fluids during the day which will not only keep your vagina healthy but also help in reproduction. Probiotic curd or yogurt, especially greek curd is rich in lactobacillus which helps in strengthening your vagina. Other foods like salmon, avocados, eggs, strawberries, and kale also boost vaginal health.


5) Practice Good Hygiene

Lastly but most importantly, it is always recommended to follow good hygiene practices when you deal with your vagina. Wipe off from the front to back after a bowel movement, change your sanitary pads or tampons regularly to avoid infections, and wearing an underwear while a discharge is fine but ensure you carry one or two extra with you to change else it might lead to irritation.

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