Vastu Tips for your Bathroom!

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Vastu Shastra is associated with India and it is one of the oldest sciences in the world. Over time, many other countries have also adopted it, but with different names. It is the knowledge of using the energy of the universe to understand and use it for its benefit, and there are many such methods of Vastu Shastra, with the help of which one can bring happiness and peace in the home by removing negative energies.

Vastu Shastra understands the significance and usefulness of every part of the house, and it also explains how to make different rooms of the house such as kitchen, bathroom etc. in the right direction. Nowadays there is a toilet in the bathing area often specially in apartments or flats. In this case, let us tell you where and how to make bathroom or toilet in your house according to Vastu.


1) Direction of the Toilet

First of all, it is important to know in which corner of the house you should have a bathroom. The north-western part of the house (note- not in the north-west corner of the house) is considered as the most suitable for bathroom construction.

Then the second place is the north-east part (note- not in the north-east corner of the house) and the south-west part of the house but not in the south-west corner. This means that you can make a bathroom, leaving all the corners of the above mentioned directions. The windows and ventilators must also be in the East or North direction.


2) The Color of the Bathroom Walls

After the selection of the right place for the bathroom you will have to take proper care of its walls and other fittings, such as geysers, baths, taps, mirrors, commode seat, wash basin etc. Use the north-wall for the shower and tap while the mirror should be placed on the wall of the east direction.

Make the commode seat slightly higher than the floor and in the west or northwest direction. For the Geyser, south-east direction is best and for the bathtub, the west direction; keep the east side for the wash basin. The walls should be painted with bright but light colors.


3) Keeping Things in the Bathroom

If you want to set up the closet to store the necessities of the bathroom, then it should be in the southwest direction. The right place for a washing machine is the south east or north east direction.


4) Other Important Things to Keep in Mind

  • Try to have a different areas for bathing and for the ┬átoilet in the house.
  • Never have an attic toilet in the southwest or southeast direction.
  • Try that the toilet floor is slightly raised above the rest of the bathroom.
  • The bathroom’s main door should be in the east or north wall.

The best option is to take the help of an architect while planning a new house or while renovating, so that there is positive energy in every part of the house.

Image Source: Pixabay, Wikimedia Commons

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