What are the Reasons for Pain in the Vagina?

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Pain in women’s vagina is not new. Many of us are victims of this problem, and at most times we do not know why this is. Many times, pain in the vagina ruins your marriage, because it directly impacts your sex life.

Due to the pain and discomfort in the vagina, every woman can behave differently. In some, this pain occurs during sex, while some have to endure this pain later on, post sex. In some women it is also found that the pain grows when nearing the monthly cycle. Here are some reasons from which the ‘Vagina Pain’ problem can arise.


1) Yeast Infection

The most common symptom of yeast infections in the vagina is itching and burning. Such infection can spread within the vagina or directly outside the vagina and there may be inflammation and redness on the soft skin there. Your doctor will prescribe an anti-fungal cream after a pelvic test, which will help to end this infection.


2) Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sexual infections like Herpes, Chlamydia and Gonorrhea (STI) can also be the cause of vaginal pain. Herpes are raging wounds that you feel when you touch yourself. Pain in other STD infections is usually caused by inflammation. But if you have pain and swelling you will have to seek the help of a doctor to find out the possibility of any such disease. Chlamydia, gonorrhea and other STD infections can usually be cured by medication.


3) Dryness in the Vagina

Dryness of the vagina shows the lack of oestrogen. This condition can occur before menopause but it can happen any other time as well. Oestrogen is a growth hormone which increases the blood flow in the vagina, it smoothens the walls of the vagina and controls the internal secretion. When enough oestrogen is not formed in the body, it creates dryness in the vagina.


4) Body Composition of your Male Companion

Often we think that a deficiency in our body is responsible for our problems, but there is a possibility that your partner’s penis size may be responsible for the pain. Observe when this pain really happens, and if it’s in your vagina, or inside your stomach? Because it is very likely that during the course of sex, penis length of your partner might be striking your uterus, and this  might be the real reason for your pain.


5) Vulvodynia

The doctor believes that vulvodynia is an old pain of the vagina, which can not be explained. But this is not caused by any infection or other disease, but it is due to the extra nerve fibers in the outer part of the vagina and vulva, which is the most flexible and weak part of the vagina. Nearly 90% of women have this pain which also makes sex more painful. Due to this, a lot of women are unable to use tampons.


6) Swelling in the Pelvis/Endometriosis

Endometriosis occurs when endometrial tissue (AKA, which is the lowest layer of your uterus) increases in size and begins to extend outside the uterus such as a part of pelvic, stomach or even other organs such as lungs. This condition becomes extremely painful and consulting a doctor is a must.

The second condition is the inflammatory disease in the lower part of the stomach which is caused by infection in the uterus, fallopian tube, or ovary. This causes acute pain in your vagina. Only after pelvic tests and ultrasound can doctors determine if you are suffering from any of these troubles and what should be the right treatment for you.

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