What should you Consider Before Buying a Perfume?

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It is definitely a tough task to buy a perfume if you are not very knowledgeable about it. But if you know some important tips before you go perfume shopping, it will make shopping all the more easier for you! 

Here are the points that you need to remember before buying a perfume: 


1) A Good Perfume is Never Cheap

A good perfume can never be cheap and it can never be on a 1+1 deal. A perfume is expensive due to the ingredients present in it. Just imagine if you like the smell of a jasmine-fragranced perfume, you would know that it would take innumerable jasmine flowers to manufacture 1 bottle of pure jasmine fragrance and henceforth the cost!


2) Never Smell a Perfume Directly from the Bottle

A perfume never smells the same on your skin, as it does from the bottle. Perfume manufacturers pay extra attention to the top notes present in the perfume. The top of the bottle contains a smell that is stronger and lasts for 1-4 minutes. To test any perfume, first spray a few drops on a perfume tester strip, wait for 30 seconds and if you like it, only then spritz it on your skin. Also, you must test each perfume on a separate area of your skin or you won’t get the real fragrance. You can also test a fragrance by spritzing in on your wrist and fingers.


3) Long-Lasting Fragrance

A good fragrance always lasts long, so you must pay attention to what is written on the perfume bottle. Perfumes that say EDP are long lasting. Avoid those perfumes that say EDT.


4) Smell Coffee

This might sound odd but after smelling 4-5 fragrances, you’re unable to differentiate between the rest. All good perfume shops always keep coffee beans in order to help you get rid of all the previous smells and clear your nasal air passages.


5) How it Affects your Skin

Before buying any perfume, make sure that the smell doesn’t cause any allergy or the spray doesn’t cause any irritation on the skin. Choose a perfume that makes you feel refreshed.


The best perfumes for women are: 

  • Chanel No. 5,
  • Skin Nude by Titan,
  • Charlie Red by Revlon


The best perfumes for men are:  

  • Titan Skin Raw,
  • C.K. All,
  • Legend Spirit by Mont Blanc


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