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What to do with milk that has burning smell?

Team BetterButter | April 9, 2019

What to do with milk that has burning smell?

If milk is left on the gas for a longer duration, it does come up with a burning smell and is not suitable to use. Now either it can be used to make some other food or it can be treated to remove that particular odor.

There is nothing as such that by drinking the milk with burnt smell will make you sick, but once it boils more than how much it should, it gives a burnt smell and the taste changes. Thus, it is not considered good for drinking.

Although that burnt smell can removed by using various remedies, but it still tastes bad. So instead of drinking or throwing the milk, there are various things that can be made with milk that has a burning smell and some of them are:


Burnt milk can easily be converted into Paneer by adding Lemon Juice to it. After adding Lemon Juice, boil it for a while. In some time, paneer and water will get separated and it can be used either to make Paneer sabzi, parantha or anything.


With burnt milk, custard can also be made. Just add custard powder, sugar and water in one bowl and mix well, add the mixture of the boiled milk and whisk it properly. The smell of custard will overcome the smell of burnt milk.


Just add coffee powder and sugar in a cup and add water to it and mix well until the color goes light and the mixture gets creamy. Add the mixture to the boiling water and let it boil. Hot coffee is prepared and the smell of coffee is so strong that it easily masks the smell of burnt milk.

Fruit Icecream:

Just add sugar to heated milk and let it dissolve. Afterwards, add vanilla extract to it. In another bowl, put fruit pulp. Now put both the containers in the refrigerator and now mix it well and freeze again. Your fruit ice cream is ready to eat. Vanilla extract will overcome the smell of burnt milk.

There are a lot more things which can be made with Milk that has a burning smell like cupcakes, sour cakes, pudding, shakes, and innumerable others.

If still, you want to try to remove the burning smell, you can add a pinch of salt to the hot milk to remove the smell. Another technique which can be followed is that you can put the milk in the refrigerator for 2 hours and that might also help to remove the burning smell. You can also try Paan ka Patta or Cardamon to remove the smell.

There are chances that the smell can be removed, but nothing can be done with the taste. So it is better to make something out of it instead of trying to remove the smell of burnt milk.


Image Sources: WikiHow, Pixabay