Why does your Vagina Itch?

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There may be problems like itching or redness of the skin anywhere in the body, but having such a thing in the vagina becomes a major problem because this place is so delicate that you can not do much to relieve the itching. More frustrating than this, you do not know at all times what is the reason for this repeated itching. Here we will tell you about some infections that may be the cause of your problem and also how to take care of yourself in such a case-


1) Bacterial Vaginoisis

This is due to the growth of a type of bacteria in the vagina, due to which the levels of pH in the vagina become unbalanced. Only itching is not its first symptom but an abnormal smell, irritation and unnatural release from the vagina can be the first symptom. OTC medication is used to cure the vaginal pH balance which eliminates bad bacteria. If this does not work then your doctor may give antibiotics.


2) Eczema/Psoriasis

Skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis can be due to some allergic or autoimmune cause. Eczema can also be found in the folds of the elbows and  psoriasis can be found on the vagina. If you see rash like red spots on your body for the first time, then make an appointment with your doctor immediately.


3) Contact Dermatitis

Sometimes new products do not suit the skin and cause problems like itching or irritation, in the same way it can be with the vagina also. Due to soap, detergent, and bath gel or a new kind of fabric for underwear, it may cause itching when exposed to the vagina. So if you are troubled by vaginal itching then think of any new product that you have started using recently? This list can include sanitary pads, tampons, condoms, shaving products, and even toilet paper. If so, stop the use of that product and then see the result.


4) Yeast Infection

The first thought about vaginal infection comes from Candida Fungus. Secretion of curd like texture, redness around the inside of the vagina, and itching, are all serious signs of this infection. Doctors believe that about one-third of the women who have itching and burning sensation in the vagina, have yeast infection. The way to know it is to use OTC treatment such as monistat. If it is positive then it is treated with antibiotics.


5) Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

In most cases, itching of the vagina indicating STD is not considered the first symptom but it may be the first sign. Starting from itching, it can cause irritation, urination with pain, odorless secretions and even wounds on genitalia, along with  painful sexual intercourse, for which you should meet your doctor right away. Genital warts are also a type of low risk HPV STD during pregnancy, it can cause irritation, itching and burning sensation in a woman’s vagina.


6) Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Any infection in the tract through which urine comes out of the body is known as Urinary Tract Infection or UTI, a bacterial infection that can occur anywhere in the kidney, urethra or bladder and usually in the lower abdomen causing pain. Its symptoms include frequent urge to urinate and a burning sensation. In case of UTI, you need to meet your doctor and examine the presence of bacteria related to this infection.


7) Hormones and Perimenopause

During your menstrual cycle your hormones fluctuate and you can feel that the vagina is dry as compared to normal, which causes the itching. Dryness and itching in the vagina is a common thing due to the decline in oestrogen in perimenopause (which is actually the period before menopause). An OTC moisturizer can be used to relieve it and your doctor may recommend you to apply an estrogen cream for external itching in the vagina.

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