Early Symptoms of Diabetes that we Often Miss

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In the last two decades, diabetes has become a very common problem, not just among older people but also among middle-aged men and women. Earlier people used to contract diabetes with age but nowadays, even small children get it. The main reasons for this are heredity, a disorganized lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits.

Diabetes occurs due to an imbalance of hormones in our body. Sugar is the source of energy for the human body and insulin is responsible for converting sugar into energy. When the amount of insulin in the body decreases, the symptoms of diabetes start showing up. Most of the times, the patient doesn’t get to know immediately about the disease but if you know the symptoms beforehand, you can manage it in a much better way.

Let’s take a look at the early symptoms of diabetes: 

1) Feeling Extremely Hungry more Frequently

Feeling hungry too often is one of the primary symptoms of diabetes. When the glucose levels in the blood decrease, the brain sends a signal indicating that the body needs food so that the cells get the necessary glucose. Due to lack of insulin in the body, the cells are unable to absorb insulin and there is a shortage of energy in the body. This is the reason why diabetics feel hungry more frequently as compared to others and they feel tired very often.


2) Frequent Urine Sensation

When the sugar level in the body increases, the body tends to get rid of the extra sugar in the form of urine and so the kidney produces more urine. This gives rise to frequent urine sensation, especially during the night.


3) Tingling Sensation in Hands and Feet

The presence of extra sugar in the body adversely affects the nerves and acts as an obstacle in the normal working of the nervous system and this causes a tingling sensation in the hands and feet. It may feel like the pricking of needles.


4) Feeling Tired Often

People suffering from diabetes feel tired very often because all the energy they get from food is used up by the cells. The frequent urination and bathroom trips reduce the water level of the body and make the person feel tired.


5) Delay in Clotting of Blood

If it takes more than the usual time for your blood to clot, this could also be a symptom of diabetes.  Diabetes affect the immune system of the body, so it takes longer for injuries to heal.


6) Recurring Fungal Infection

Diabetics are more prone to contracting fungal infections. Increased amount of sugar in the body gives rise to recurring yeast and fungal infections between the fingers, genitals, and below the chest.


7) Eye Weakness

The irregular flow of fluids in the body causes the lens of the eyes to swell up and this weakens a person’s vision. Also, when the glucose levels of the body are high, it affects the strength of the lens and may also change the appearance of the cornea and the eyes.

Apart from the above, diabetics may also experience certain other symptoms such as dryness of mouth, delay in healing of diseases and infections, sudden weight loss, swelling and infection in the gums and vomiting sensation. It is not necessary that these symptoms are of diabetes but if you experience them over a long duration, do get your sugar levels checked.

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