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GOODNESS OF NUTRELA! We thank you for showing your trust in a Nutrela product. Nutrela is India’s most loved Soya Food Brand and has over 30 years of heritage in providing consumers a healthier option in their diet. In today’s hectic lifestyle, the challenge is to serve healthy and tasty dishes for your family on a regular basis. As awareness of health and wellness increases, people will begin to get in to a rhythm of eating well and exercising regularly. Nutrela understands this rhythm and will offer consumer a healthy, and tasty option for every consumption occasion in the cycle. We are confident that our recipe section will help you not only fulfilling the nutritional needs of your family but also exploring various types of soya recipes for everyone in the family. Nutrela Soya food is available in Chunks, Mini chunks and Granules form. So choose your favourite form of Nutrela Soya Food and use it to give a healthy twist to your recipes. Live Healthy, Live Happy! BENEFITS OF NUTRELA for everyone in the family Nutrela Soya is not only the richest source of protein but it’s also versatile and can be incorporated in your day to day dishes with benefits to everyone in the family right from the kids to adults. Children: Provides vital protein, iron and calcium for physical and muscular development. Heart Patients: Helps reduce risk of coronary heart disease as it lowers total cholesterol and low density proteins. Adults: Helps improve lean body mass index. Contains isoflavones which improve skeletal health and prevents osteoporosis. Diabetic Patients :Improves insulin resistance. Nutrela Soya Protien content chart* (all the figures are approximately for 100g) NUTRELA SOYA- 52% MEAT-22% EGG-14% WHEAT-12% MILK-4%