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Coming from Telangana region, I am exposed to both Hyderabadi cuisine and Telangana cuisine. T cuisine has its own charm and due to the influence of Qutub Shahi and Nizami rulers, many of the Middle Eastern/Persian/Central Asian recipes have found a place in T cuisine too. To such an extent that, even the Telangana Telugu has 40-50% of Hindi/Urdu words. So, do not be surprised if a Telangana dish has a Hindi/Urdu name. Also, Hyderabadi cuisine is very much royal.The influence of ME/Persian/Central Asian cuisines is very much visible in food. And yet, the cuisine has adopted the local Telangana cuisine and incorporated into its own. Hence, one can see the extensive usage of sesame seeds, peanuts, tamarind, red chillies even in Hyderabadi cuisine. I shall try to present as many authentic Telangana dishes as possible and even the ones adopted from the above mentioned foreign cuisines. Be it main dishes, curries, desserts, savouries et al, will try my best.