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There's too much to say but not enough, which would really give you an insight into who I am. I could warn you about some things, but then you’d remember to be careful, and you wouldn’t see me with an unbiased mind. I am Deviyani, I am an retired railway officers daughter, I've lived in six towns which made me pretty much live in my head. Married to a lawyer I have learnt to be a good a listener. My hostel life taught me more than my engineering degree and my MBA made me realise that job satisfaction is key to a happy life. I’ve learnt to never regret anything. I laugh a lot mainly because it keeps me happy. I’m not your average girl. I like the usual girly stuff. But I’d prefer reading a book to shopping. I enjoy most things that take brains like chess to sports like Badminton. I’m never scared to speak my mind. I stand up for myself and what I believe in. I make friends easily enough, but it takes a hell lot to want me to keep one for life. I believe in saying what I feel to people’s faces. I am a baker+ blogger at heart.