Easy Paneer Recipes

Paneer recipes are the delicious combination of paneer and different aromatic spices. Any paneer recipe can be a treat to the taste buds at any time. Paneer is prepared by using fresh milk and it plays a special role in most of the recipes of some cuisines like Indian cuisine, Pakistani cuisine, Afgani cuisine and Bangladeshi cuisine. Paneer always set as the first priority for every vegetarians. Most of the paneer recipes are spicy and delicious and liked by the people of every age group. You can prepare paneer recipes in any party or any special occasion. Paneer recipes are delicious as well as healthy because paneer is a good source of protein, vitamin, fiber and minerals like iron, copper, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus and selenium. If you like spicy and want to eat vegetarian dish then paneer recipes will be a best option for you. Paneer recipes includes different type of dishes some are spicy and some are sweet. Paneer recipes are a perfect combination of different cuisines, flavors and degree of healthiness. Paneer recipes can be prepared with pan seared spices, different sauces and cream. You can show your cooking art and creativity by the help of paneer. You can prepare Indian paneer recipes, North Indian paneer recipes, South Indian paneer recipes, Indo-Chinese paneer recipes, Hyderabadi paneer recipes , Itailian paneer recipes etc. You can prepare easy paneer recipes with gravy or without gravy like you can prepare dry chili paneer recipe and chili paneer recipe with gravy. Some of the famous paneer recipes are Paneer akuri, Shahi paneer, Paneer achari makhmali, Paneer mango delight, Shahi paneer makhmali, Paneer wrap, One pot baked potato paneer chat, Sufiyana paneer shashlik, Paneer spicy bhurji, Stuffed paneer kebabs, paneer 65, Paneer mango manchurian and paneer sweet corn salad.
  • Paneer Akuri

    This is a delicious Parsi style spicy scrambled 'eggs' (we are using paneer), wh...
    15 mins
      | 1402 saves
  • Methi Malai Paneer

    There are very less people who do not like Paneer. There is a subtle and rich ta...
    90 mins
      | 2471 saves
  • Paneer Enchiladas/Cottage cheese Enchiladas infused with Indian flavours

    Most Indians seem to love Mexican food because their food is hot & tangy just li...
    30 mins
      | 299 saves
  • Shahi Paneer Makhmali

    Flavours from the North.
    30 mins
      | 781 saves
  • Saag Paneer

    Cottage cheese dunked in a rich spinach gravy! This dish is a regular at most pu...
    35 mins
      | 1420 saves
  • Paneer Sabudana Vadas

    In this vadas paneer is filled in the centre, tasty deep fried snack.
    6 mins
      | 2433 saves
  • One Pot Baked Potato Paneer Chat

    Way of health and taste are differ from each other.Here is my small effort to ma...
    45 mins
      | 1632 saves
  • Shahi Paneer

    Much loved and very famous paneer recipe, which I love cooking for my family any...
    25 mins
      | 8267 saves
  • Paneer spicy burji

    Paneer bhurji is the vegetarian version of egg bhurji (scrambled eggs saute'ed w...
    20 mins
      | 1967 saves
  • Paneer Til Tinke/ Cheese Cutlets

    Cheese is everybody’s favorite and fritters as well. When both are combined the ...
    5 mins
      | 546 saves
  • Sufiyana Paneer Shashlik

    4 different flavoured paneer on one skewer.
    20 mins
      | 1350 saves
  • Paneer Aachari Makhmali

    15 mins
      | 1703 saves
  • Paneer ( cottage cheese ) Mango delight

    This recipe is very easy dessert . Only 3 ingredients have used in this recipe ...
    5 mins
      | 940 saves
  • Paneer Peshewari

    There are variety of delicious paneer dishes that you come across in restaurant&...
    20 mins
      | 2284 saves
  • Stuffed paneer kebabs

    Stuffed paneer kababs is one of the best paneer recipe that can serve as a snack...
    10 mins
      | 2113 saves
  • Paneer sweet corn salad

    A delicious salad.
    10 mins
      | 1734 saves
  • Angoori Paneer Tikka

    Paneer tikka with a twist of grapes
    20 mins
      | 635 saves
  • Mc Donald's Style Paneer McPuff

    Paneer Mc Puff is the most popular snack invented by McDonalds. America. Ever si...
    30 mins
      | 2756 saves
  • Paneer Chatpata

    Spicy Paneer titbits mixed with simple onion-tomato salsa which is too irresisti...
    15 mins
      | 1030 saves
  • Shahi Mango Paneer Kheer

    Shahi mango paneer kheer, delectable and delicious Indian dessert made using mil...
    30 mins
      | 502 saves
  • Multigrain paneer dahi vada

    Kids do call it paneer doughnut as well. It is superhealthy protein packed appet...
    15 mins
      | 538 saves
  • Paneer Kulcha Bites

    Soft butter toasted kulchas stuffed with paneer gravy served along with spicy gr...
    30 mins
      | 922 saves
  • Paneer kheer

    Shahi kheer
    30 mins
      | 606 saves
  • Gatte aur Paneer ke Kebab

    Vegetarian kebas that have been cooked to perfection.
    20 mins
      | 543 saves
  • Paneer 65

    Paneer 65 is a perfect starter for any occasion. Comes under Hyderabadi Cuisine ...
    15 mins
      | 2517 saves
  • Paneer Wrap

    Mexican wraps with salads.
    60 mins
      | 1886 saves
  • Paneer Mango Manchurian

    We have tasted gobi Manchurian, paneer Manchurian etc. For a change just try out...
    20 mins
      | 979 saves
  • Paneer Tikka

    Popular tandoori snack made easier!
    15 mins
      | 2333 saves
  • Paneer Kofta in Coconut Gravy

    These koftas have been inspired from Sanjeev Kapoor's website. They taste he...
    30 mins
      | 4304 saves
  • Steamed veg and paneer momos

    15 mins
      | 9140 saves
  • Whole Wheat Spinach Paneer Lifafa Paratha

    Lifafa Paratha is an envelope shaped paratha, as the word 'Lifafa' means envelop...
    15 mins
      | 2358 saves
  • Paneer chilly (Restaurant style)

    A quick and easy, restaurant style dish.
    15 mins
      | 7343 saves
  • Tandoori Paneer Skewers with Goat’s Yoghurt

    Tandoori Paneer Skewers are an excellent party starter. In fact, it is a hit eve...
    20 mins
      | 3207 saves
  • Paneer Butter Masala

    Paneer cooked in a tangy and spicy tomato based gravy and finished with fresh cr...
    30 mins
      | 8700 saves
  • Paneer BabyCorn Masala

    The exotic combination of paneer and babycorn in a medium spiced, restaurant sty...
    15 mins
      | 3287 saves
  • Paneer (cottage cheese - stuffed) khandvi

    Khadvi is a very famous dish of the Gujarati cuisine. I have given a twist to th...
    20 mins
      | 614 saves
  • Pudina Paneer Pulao(Mint and home made chenna Pulao)

    My husband and I are big-time rice eaters. So, Pulao is a favourite in my home. ...
    25 mins
      | 2127 saves
  • Paneer Tawa Pulao

    Have you ever been to a Pav Bhaji seller ??? If yes, then you might have definit...
    10 mins
      | 4844 saves
  • Paneer Manchurian

    Indo Chinese recipe with paneer.
    25 mins
      | 2194 saves
  • Paneer Vegetable Frankie

    Frankie is very versatile and can be made entirely with meat or just vegetables ...
    15 mins
      | 3310 saves
  • Paneer nest gujia

    Gujia is a very famous snack in holi. But I want to do some innovation with this...
    15 mins
      | 550 saves
  • Broccoli Paneer and Peanut Masala

    Broccoli is an all-star food with many health benefits. It is low in calories an...
    30 mins
      | 827 saves

    Khoya Paneer is a very popular North Indian dish made in various parts of Punjab...
    20 mins
      | 2657 saves
  • Kashmiri Paneer Chaman

    A popular kashmiri paneer preparation made with pieces of fried paneer simmered ...
    30 mins
      | 1233 saves
  • Palak Paneer Pinwheels

    A healthy and filling appetizer best to serve as starter before meals.
    20 mins
      | 2066 saves
  • Garam Masala Spiced Palak Paneer Timbale

    The humble Palak Paneer saag is served in a gourmet Timbale Avatar! A simple Kac...
    60 mins
      | 186 saves
  • Palak Paneer !

    A healthy Protein & Iron Combo, Soft Paneer in a creamy and luscious green Spina...
    30 mins
      | 6906 saves
  • Kadai Paneer

    A rich and flavourful dish from my family to yours. It is a sure crowd pleaser.
    20 mins
      | 3741 saves
  • Paneer Pakodas

    Paneer Pakora is a very common recipe for rainy season. It becomes more deliciou...
    15 mins
      | 6078 saves
  • Palak paneer

    Cottage cheese cooked in spicy spinach gravy which is a popular north indian cui...
    40 mins
      | 1567 saves
  • Matar Paneer(dry)

    A dry and spicy version of the famous Punjabi specialty.
    20 mins
      | 929 saves
  • Paneer makhani in grilled red bell pepper cups

    I would like to share Paneer Makhni in Grilled Red Bell Pepper in my style
    30 mins
      | 327 saves
  • Paneer-Methi Bhurji

    This Paneer-methi bhurji was standing out of all the vegetarian spread on the di...
    30 mins
      | 1204 saves
  • Kasundi Paneer Pizza

    This healthy and yummy vegeterian pizza is a simple and easy to bake dish.
    20 mins
      | 268 saves
  • Makhanwala Paneer

    A buttery paneer dish that is very beautiful to look at and lip smacking good.
    15 mins
      | 6722 saves
  • Low Fat Cottage Cheese Curry - Shahi Paneer

    Everyone loves cottage cheese in any form. However people tend to eat less of i...
    15 mins
      | 1040 saves
  • Paneer Lollipop

    Paneer Lollipop is a delicious starter dish loved by one and all. This is one of...
    15 mins
      | 2738 saves
  • Paneer Makhani

    A creamy, melt in the mouth vegetarian delight that's a crowd pleaser. The rich,...
    20 mins
      | 5786 saves
  • Paneer Chakri

    An innovative take on the classic paneer that is flavourful and a visual delight...
    25 mins
      | 1162 saves

    Here comes another snacky feast for the month. You may forget every other thing ...
    15 mins
      | 3084 saves
  • Kadhai paneer masala

    A classic paneer dish that never fails to tingle the taste buds.
    15 mins
      | 3439 saves
  • Tandoori paneer tikka

    Marinated pieces of paneer grilled to perfection
    15 mins
      | 1290 saves
  • Tiranga Paneer Tikka

    This tri-coloured Paneer Tikka is marinated in three different kinds of spices a...
    15 mins
      | 1418 saves
  • Papad paneer crispy

    IT is a healthy snack made up of paneer n papad. Evryone njys it wid tea:)
    20 mins
      | 404 saves
  • Rose paneer ladoo

    This recipe is inspired from anithas kesar paneer ladoo . These ladoo are very d...
    15 mins
      | 1115 saves
  • Karahi/Kadhai Paneer

    Karahi dishes are basically only tomato based gravies with spices. Karahi or Ka...
    45 mins
      | 6266 saves
  • Chettinad Paneer Curry

    This paneer chettinad makes an excellent side dish to enjoy thoroughly with roti...
    20 mins
      | 801 saves
  • Paneer Pakora / Cottage cheese fritters

    This is my go to snack in the evening when vegetarian guests are at home.
    15 mins
      | 1320 saves
  • Paneer Lababdar

    This particular dish is a little healthier as there is no cream in it.
    30 mins
      | 1489 saves
  • Paneer in creamy gravy

    25 mins
      | 2761 saves
  • Kalakand

    Traditionally made with raw milk, this is a shortcut recipe with fresh cottage c...
    20 mins
      | 2399 saves
  • Kalakand

    An easy to make fudge made with condensed milk and topped with almonds.
    15 mins
      | 1871 saves
  • Tawa Paneer Tikka

    it's a good idea to serve a starter like Tawa Paneer Tikka, which you can easily...
    120 mins
      | 5195 saves
  • Saag Paneer

    Traditional Punjabi main course, that can be made with a variety of green leafy ...
    60 mins
      | 1631 saves
  • Petha paneer kofta

    Innovative creation of paneer
    30 mins
      | 266 saves
  • Raw Papaya and Paneer Kofta Gravy

    My signature dish
    90 mins
      | 181 saves
  • Paneer TIkka

    One of the most popular starters in North India
    30 mins
      | 2076 saves
  • Paneer tikka with panchfodan flavour

    This paneer tikka is marinated in a spicy mixture of ingredients readily avail...
    20 mins
      | 416 saves
  • Paneer Tikki with creamy gravy

    This is one of my favourite recipe from my moms collection of food recipes and i...
    30 mins
      | 496 saves
  • Paneer Stuffed Kuzhi Paniyaram

    Kuzhi paniyaram is a Chettinad dish very popular in the South. Usually the left ...
    40 mins
      | 479 saves
  • Paneer do Pyaza

    A typical North-Indian dish made out of paneer and onions
    30 mins
      | 8230 saves
  • Paneer Kofta

    Another classic Punjabi dish! Deep fried paneer balls in a spiced curry!
    60 mins
      | 2802 saves
  • Paneer Lemon Rice

    'Paneer' the Indian cheese is a favourite at every Indian home. Adding paneer to...
    20 mins
      | 990 saves
  • Paneer Chocolate Modak

    Its amazing to see various varities of MODAKS available in sweet shops around th...
    20 mins
      | 437 saves
  • Paneer

    A staple in most North Indian homes, paneer can easily be made in-house. The ve...
    30 mins
      | 681 saves
  • Paneer Barfi

    An easy to make Indian sweet dish prepared with condensed milk and cottage chees...
    20 mins
      | 1396 saves
  • Paneer Butter Masala~ under 20 mins.

    A really quick paneer dish that is similiar to the one we get at restaurants. Ca...
    20 mins
      | 935 saves
  • Paneer Burji

    A yummy breakfast option for vegetarians ,Paneer Burji is a vegetarian form of s...
    20 mins
      | 877 saves
  • Kashmiri Chaman / Kashmiri Paneer

    Kashmiri chaman is a simple panner based dish from Kashmir. It is very easy to ...
    30 mins
      | 1842 saves
  • Masala Paneer

    Homemade cottage cheese with a twist of spices and coriander leaves!
    20 mins
      | 1000 saves
  • Kadhai Paneer

    Restaurant style Kadhai paneer that is spicy, creamy and just perfect with rotis...
    30 mins
      | 5426 saves
  • Matar Paneer

    A favorite dish among the punjabis, which is enjoyed with chapatis, naan or pula...
    30 mins
      | 3570 saves
  • Honey Sesame Paneer

    I was totally in love with the recipe when I saw it on Neha's blog. I loved the ...
    60 mins
      | 330 saves
  • Homemade Paneer/Indian Cottage Cheese

    Whenever I have extra packets of milk in the fridge, I quickly boil and curdle i...
    60 mins
      | 1296 saves
  • Methi Paneer Dry Curry

    With no masalas to grind, this is a quick and simple dish to cook at any time.
    10 mins
      | 787 saves
  • Herb Crusted Paneer

    I was out of bread crumbs and was too lazy to make fresh one and then decide how...
    10 mins
      | 337 saves
  • Coffee Paneer Peda

    PEDA is a very traditional sweet, loved by one and all. As you all know NAVRATR...
    15 mins
      | 1066 saves
  • Hariyali Paneer Tikka

    A famous Vegetarian starter for a dinner party
    138 mins
      | 387 saves
  • Healthy Oatmeal Paneer Buttermilk Pancakes(No eggs)

    Packed with proteins from the cottage cheese and the goodness of oats and butter...
    25 mins
      | 893 saves

    An aromatic, delicious and healthy curry combining the flavours and spices.
    30 mins
      | 414 saves
  • Choco - paneer truffles

    Truffles with a desi twist
    180 mins
      | 578 saves
  • Bharwa Anarkali Paneer

    This recipe is made of paneer stuffed with khoya and anaardana
    20 mins
      | 239 saves
  • Chilly Paneer

    30 mins
      | 6237 saves