चटपटा व्यंजन

The diversity of Indian cuisine is best illustrated by the sheer variety of Indian street food one finds across India. Street Food in India is synonymous with Indian Food and Food in general! Every Indian is crazy about this flavor profile - Chatpata. And luckily, India’s list of Street Food has an eclectic variety. It is an essential part of India's rich and diverse culture where we have a distinct cuisine in every other state.

It is safe to say, the most appetizing aspect of Indian Food is the famous Street Food. Street food recipes can be interpreted very differently. Some people think of it as more tangy recipes, others think of it as snacks.

For our purposes, Indian street food is defined as the food that is available roadside across India. Whether it is Paav Bhaji, Pani Puri, Aloo Chat, Vada Pav, Dabeli, Misal Pav or the flavorsome Mughlai Paratha, Tawa Pulao, Ragda Pattice, Bhel Puri, Ghugni, Matar Kulcha, Ram Ladoo, Tamatar Chaat - it will never cease to surprise you or your appetite.

The entire essence of Street food isn’t in what you get in a mall or some branded shop, it lies in what is sold partially or readymade on streets directly by the vendors on cycles or carts. Even though this has been now taken over by small kiosks at some places too, but nothing beats the charm and authentic taste of eating aloo chaat from the good old hawker, who swings by on a cart in the evening in your Gali.

Street food has become an imminent part of the Indian eating out culture.

To refresh your favorite street food memories with your friends or outside your college street food experiences, here we have listed down the 50 best street food recipes that would tantalize your taste buds.